Overview of Digital Marketing Salary Trend

With consumer’s Internet usage on the rise and company digitalization becoming a must, digital marketing has become unavoidable. Every company, large or small, is always looking for individuals that can creatively represent their brand across multiple social media platforms and engage their potential and actual customers via the Internet and other digital means.

The digital marketing sector is exploding with opportunities right now, as every organization and individual strives to leave a digital imprint on the vast global online market. The digital marketing business is on track to create 2.5 lakh jobs by 2022. As a result, digital marketing is a viable career option in India. If you work in or want to work in this fast-paced, creative, and challenging business, keep reading to learn about the most significant job roles in digital marketing and digital marketer salary trends.

Digital Marketing

It uses various platforms such as search engines, email, applications, and social media to reach customers. It enables professionals to create and publish social media posts, attract customers with a well-planned Digital Marketing strategy, create content and video ideas that are likely to go viral, generate new leads via social media and other kinds of Digital Marketing. Aside from that, they use Content Marketing, SEO, email marketing, and other Digital Marketing tactics that have proven to create excellent employment opportunities in this digital era.

Who is a digital marketer?

A digital marketer uses a variety of methods to increase brand exposure. Increasing website traffic and recruiting new consumers is part of a digital marketer’s goal. They also seek to find the latest trends, digital technologies, and online analytics tools that can assist marketers in improving their advertising strategy. They engage in email marketing, social media outlets, SEO/SEM, video marketing, banner advertising, and other projects.

Digital Marketing salary

Salaries might vary depending on various criteria such as years of experience, employment location, hiring firm, skills, and more. The following table shows the average digital marketing salaries for different career roles.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager (DM Manager): Digital marketing managers in IT companies, Tech giants, and digital marketing agencies get the highest pay of any digital marketing manager in any other industry. In India, the average compensation for a DM Manager is Rupees 8,09,777. This position is for an individual with 4 – 8 years of experience. Other variables such as industry, qualification, digital marketing certification, and city of residency all play a role in determining income. A DM Manager’s pay ranges from 4 to 18 lakhs per year. As previously stated, a variety of factors determine an individual’s salary.
  2. Pay Per Click Analyst: PPC Analyst, also known as SEM Analyst, is one of the most in-demand occupations in internet marketing. In India, the average income for a PPC Analyst/PPC Executive is approximately Rs. 2,50,000. This position is for a candidate with about one year of experience. Freshers with a solid understanding of PPC, or those who have done a few months of internship, can also expect a comparable salary package. Salaries for PPC Analysts can reach Rs. 6,00,000 as they gain expertise and understanding.
  3. SEO Specialist: SEO will always be the evergreen digital marketing approach, regardless of emerging new digital marketing tactics. Individual salaries are primarily determined by experience and knowledge. A beginner’s compensation may be on the average scale. Still, as one gains a deeper understanding of the subject, the payscale continues to rise. In India, an SEO Specialist earns an average annual salary of ₹247223.
  4. SEO Analyst/Specialist: An SEO fresher salary is lower compared to that of a PPC Analyst. However, this is only applicable at the outset of a career. In India, the average income for a Search Engine Optimization Executive is approximately Rs. 2,20,000. This position is about someone having 1 – 2 years of extensive experience. SEO interns in places like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune are paid approximately Rs. 15,000 per month.
  5. Social Media Executive/Specialist: In most circumstances, the salary of a Social Media Executive is comparable to or more than that of a PPC Executive. In India, the median income range for a Social Media Fresher or less than three years of work experience is Rupees 1,50,000 to 3,50,000. The maximum income for an executive is roughly Rs. 5,00,000, and the Manager Position will be the next level on the pay scale. A Social Media Manager’s annual pay is roughly Rs. 560,000. In India, the higher income range is close to Rs. 10,00,000.
  6. Content Marketing Manager: As the title says, content is an important aspect. A Content Marketing Manager’s entry-level digital marketing compensation in India is anticipated to be Rs. 4,79,323. A Content Marketing Manager with less than four years of work expertise gets an average salary of 5,13,369 rupees. In India, Content Marketing Managers with 5-9 years of experience earn an average of Rs. 8,18,583.

Earn a higher salary!

Digital marketing provides some of the highest-paying jobs and careers in both creative and innovative fields. According to Glassdoor data, the average annual base salary of a Digital Marketing Manager in India is Rs. 398K. Take a look at the PayScale’s salary ranges for Digital Marketing Managers at the entry-level, intermediate-level, and experienced-level:

  • Entry-Level: INR 312,131
  • Early Career: INR 437,214
  • Mid-career: INR 709,090
  • Experienced: INR 1,112,607

Keep up-to-date on salary growth trends:

Digital marketers are constantly familiar with new technology and content trends throughout the world. They seize the correct opportunities to apply their expertise to increase reach, audience, and revenue. Thus, a career in Digital Marketing will stay updated on the latest trends and teach you how to identify the best timings to take advantage of them!

Future of Digital Marketing

With the world in crisis as a result of COVID-19, more customers are going online. Brands incorporate future technology such as artificial intelligence and digital personal assistants in their social media marketing strategies. A substantial number of businesses are transferring their procedures to an online or digital platform. Companies are willing to compensate their employees more if they have competence in digital marketing skills keeping this in mind.

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