Paint by Numbers for Kids – Wall Murals for Kids Rooms

When it comes to talking about wall murals, you may have listened to this term for the first time. It is not a new thing; basically, it is artwork that is applied or painted directly on a wall. It not only applied directly on the walls, but it also applied on the ceiling and other permanent surfaces. This type of artwork is becoming very famous, and it has become a rising trend, especially in kid’s wall décor. One reason or the other, but these artworks look great in playrooms, nurseries, school rooms, and even in kid’s bedrooms. Paint by numbers for kids is one of the best ways to do wall murals for kids’ rooms.

These artworks provide a sense of timelessness that looks great and goes well with wall murals. But when it comes to getting the wall murals done for your kid’s rooms, most of us don’t have artistic talent so that we can create an amazing yet timeless wall mural. In addition to this, we also don’t have enough money to hire a professional artist who can do this job. Don’t worry, there is the solution to all these problems, and that is paint by number wall murals. These are likewise the painting jobs that you used to do in your childhood when you get those paint by number kits.

In this kind of artwork, you have a row of paints, and all are pre-numbered. You got a picture that has a correlating pre-numbered section on it to colour it with the help of paints. Wall murals are very similar to this kind of artwork you used to do in your childhood. The noticeable part of these paint by number kits is that these are extremely simple that even kids can do this type of artwork and can create a good mural.

The plus point is that these wall murals can be done with the help of paint by numbers available in many different sizes, styles, and themes. From beach themes, fantasy themes, silhouettes for girls or boys, pirates, woodlands, jungles, animals, birds, etc., countless themes are available. The maximum number of murals is big enough that is able to cover a big area of the wall.

Moreover, you have complete freedom to use areas of the mural in other sections of the room, such as you can paint bed framers and cover a section of door huggers in your painting. In this way, you have multiple options, and whatever style you pick to make a wall mural will create a striking focal point to a kids’ room. In this article, let’s discuss three easy steps through which you will create a stunning kid’s mural by using the PBN wall mural kit.

When you go out to buy a PBN wall mural kit, you should be well aware that there are different types available. When you know and end up buying the most suitable one, you will get panels of paper. On these papers, there will be a printed picture of the mural. You may also need to buy carbon paper to trace. Plus, you will need to buy a list of colours from your local art store. Once you collect all the necessary things, now it’s time to start your painting.

The first step is taping:

In the first step, place the panels of paper above the carbon paper and tape both papers so that they can not move while tracing. Now after taping these two papers, tape them to the desired area of your wall where you decide to paint the mural. Once you tape it to the desired area, do some measuring and make sure it is in the exact position so that you will not end up having an off-centre mural.

The second step is tracing:

Once you make sure the panel of papers is tapped on the right position, now use a pen, pencil, or a ballpoint to trace over the lines. The carbon paper will help to transfer the image to your wall.

The third step is painting:

Label each area of the mural and correlate each number with a special paint colour. Now use the right colour that matches the pre-numbered section of the mural. Paint it section by section using sponge or art brushes.

In this way, you can make wall murals by using paint by numbers for kids. With these simple tips, you can create a timeless, fantastic mural for your kid.

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