Path of Exile – Death’s Oath Occultist Build Guide

Everything you need to know about this handy build in Path of Exile.

One of the great aspects of Path of Exile is there is plenty of PoE builds in the game to choose from. This gives us a lot of variety so that we can best represent ourselves and our style of play. In this case, we’re going to be looking at Death’s Oath Occultist Build, and seeing what’s good and bad about it. So if you’ve been searching for a Path of Exile build to invest your PoE currency into, then read on.

About the Death’s Oath Occultist Build

In Path of Exile, Death’s Oath offers you a skill that dishes out chaos damage when used with the Death’s Aura skill. The issue with this is that you do actually take chaos damage when your enemy has been killed. If you have used Righteous Fire before, then you will notice the similarities. The difference here obviously being that you’re dealing with chaos instead of fire.

You can use this as a league starter too. It is based around a particular item but still, you can expect to have to invest your PoE currency at some point so you can get the Death’s Oath body armour to go with it.

In terms of how the Death’s Oath Occultist build plays, it is just like the Righteous Fire build, but a chaos version of it. It is pretty thetechboy useful for clearing, since you are predominantly going to be using the Profane Blood ascendancy node. This is something that sees you blowing up the enemies that are around you. Going through in such a manner will see you clearing out effectively. When there is a single target to deal with, we will be using Caustic Arrow within the six-linked bow to cause as much effective damage as possible.

As far as power leveling goes, you can’t really use Death’s Oath at all until you have reached level 62. That said, you can level up using what’s known as the Chaosslinger method. This can be used through the first 10 campaign acts, and you will be utilizing Spellslinger Support. You’ll be using this with a number of chaos damage-over-time techniques that can help you to level up rather easily. Eventually, you will get to a point where you are ready to start mapping. When you do get there, you can then go back to self-casting.


So what is it about this Death’s Oath Occultist build that means you should be using it? It does actually have some great pros about it. It is a hefty build that is more than capable of dealing with Hardcore hdhub4u gameplay. As we mentioned, this is a good league starter as well. It has an item that is vital to the Death’s Oath build and a must-have requirement. You aren’t exactly going to have to part with your Exalted orbs or much PoE currency though. It is a very cheap item for you to get so you don’t have to worry.

Maybe one of the most impressive aspects of the Death’s Oath Occultist build is the clear focus that it has. This build is focused around explosions. With that in mind, you can expect to clear maps at high speed when you are using this Death’s Oath build.


There are a couple of pretty major downsides with the Death’s Oath Occultist build, however. For starters, it doesn’t have a very active style of playing. The damage that it deals with comes from a passive aura that surrounds you. This means that you have a single-target attack that is just a spot that is left behind. So it isn’t as active as you might like it to be.

Not only that, it does tend to struggle with end-game bosses. There are certain scenarios where it can be useful, but when it comes to the tougher situations like Maven Invitations you may start to find it much more difficult. This is where you will need to start to scour the likes of PoE Trade in order to get PoE items that can help you.

What you spend your PoE currency on for your Death’s Oath Occultist build is totally up to you. If you are going to be putting some investment in, as well as your time, then you should make sure that it is for a build that you are going to want to play as. As effective as it might be, it still needs to be fun for you to play as. So be sure to keep that in mind before you go ahead with it.

Have you been using this Path of Exile: Death’s Oath Occultist build? Let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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