Phone Apps for Women’s Health

There are phone apps for everything. Apps for heart rate, apps for weight loss, and even apps for good health. Recently, there have been some healthcare apps on the market, specifically designed with women in mind. So, if you are a woman and want to know about the best health apps, then keep reading this article.

Why Do We Need Apps for Women?

You might not care about the gender of your app users, but there’s a chance that there are many people who do. There are emerging groups of women emerging in the workforce who use their smartphones to organize their lives.

These apps for women help get everything done on time and keep them productive, so it’s important for companies to consider this growing demographic before they create the next killer app.

How Apps Can Help Women’s Health?

App development has been a major part of the mobile phone culture, and it has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. Women’s health is no exception to this trend.

Apps for women’s health are gaining popularity for their informative, helpful, and stress-relieving qualities. This software is especially helpful for females who lead busy lives with stressful schedules.

Women’s health tracker tools can help women track their menstrual cycles, organize medical appointments, do research on different medications, find nearby gyms, identify symptoms of various diseases and more.

There are many famous and best software for females, but some of them might not be available in certain regions of the world. In such a case, people need to have a VPN as an URL unblocker, which, by changing the IP address, not only protects your data, but also gives you access to any site. We’ll discuss it briefly later in the article. But let’s first check out the best software programs for females.

What Apps Should Every Woman Have?

There are some software programs that every woman should have on her phone. Apps like self-defense, which teaches women how to defend themselves if they are ever attacked. There are also tools that can help you monitor your health, track your fertility cycle, or even find a job.

Here we’ll discuss 6 healthcare software programs that females should have.


Clue is an app that connects women’s menstrual cycles, birth control, and fertility to give them the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves. Clue tracks ovulation, so users know when they are fertile, which assists in pregnancy planning.

It features a calendar with a reminder alarm in advance of every period, a thermometer to track ovulation, and a timer to estimate when in your cycle you could get pregnant. It also has an interactive fertility chart, so you can see where you are in your cycle.

Glow Fertility:

Glow Fertility is a period and fertility tracker for women who want to conceive. The program offers multiple features, including tracking period, understanding fertility, tracking health signals, connecting with other real people, health insights, and so on.

Glow Fertility’s free options include tracking periods with an in-depth visual representation of your menstrual cycle for each day. Glow Fertility also helps connect people with experts for their opinion and recommendations.

Natural Cycles:

The Natural Cycles – Contraceptive App is one of the best software on the market for women. Combining highly accurate ovulation detection with a fully integrated contraceptive algorithm, the program offers highly effective birth control that is 100% hormone free.

The software’s algorithm tracks your menstrual cycles and ovulation patterns to predict when you are most fertile. It also helps to identify when you are not fertile, which serves as protection against unintended pregnancies.

Natural Cycles is the best as it is the only digital contraceptive CE marked & FDA cleared in Europe as a medical device. Females can get regular updates about their cycles.

As we are talking about healthcare software programs, it is possible that some of these may not be available in a certain region. In such a situation, it is recommended to use a secure, reliable, and encrypted VPN.

A VPN is a way to hide your identity online. People use VPNs for many different reasons, but most do so to access content not otherwise available in their country. These people often use it to bypass censorship and geo-restrictions on content such as streaming services and

Ovia Fertility:

The Ovia Fertility software is a great way to track your menstrual cycle, ovulation period, period flow, moods, symptoms and more. This software will also help females keep up to date on what’s happening with their fertility.

The program allows them to track their periods with the help of various notification reminders, including reminding them when to take their temperature or cervical mucus test to detect ovulation. There are also many other features, including articles, community interaction, daily tips, customization records, and so on.


Eve Period Tracker is a love, sex, and relationship mobile software and comes with multiple features. Eve was awarded as the most Innovative App of 2016. Some of the features include tracking periods, checking cycle patterns and love symptoms, horoscopes, and so on.

Eve also provides period prediction and its algorithm continues to learn for refined results. The period tracker is offered with a beautiful visual chart. There is also a community where you can ask any question and interact with others.


Flo is a free period tracker app for Android and iOS that helps women track their periods, ovulation, body, health, and more.

There are many features you can get on Flo, including planning your life with beautiful visual representation, fertile window prediction, community for asking questions, showing how the baby’s growing, and so on.

In conclusion, women should be cautious when downloading apps for their health. These health software programs allow users to track their menstrual cycles, modify diets to better manage pain and other conditions, and more.

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