Play Rummy and Get Rewarded

Do you sometimes feel bored at home? What do you do when you have nothing to do? Most of the time we become lazy when there is nothing for us to do and just pass the time doing nothing. But what if there is a way out to break the boredom, get some entertainment, and at the same time get rewarded? Can’t believe it?  It seems impossible. 

In olden times, most people used to be engrossed in the card game. It was one of the favorite time passes that they had, especially when there were no modes of entertainment. It was fun playing with family and friends spending time together and getting entertained. Even today, you can have the same fun with your friends and you don’t necessarily have to be in one place. With the advancement of technology, you can now play the card game online sitting in the comfort of your home, and can play along with your friends.

The online card game that you can play along with your friends is Rummy. There are several ways for it to be played. People all over the world play this game and are having fun with friends. But you know what, there is an Indian version of Rummy. The game has an Indian twist to it, making it exciting for the players in India to enjoy the game wonderfully. Entertainment along with the rewards and the skills that you possess is all about what is Indian Rummy

India Rummy is popularly known as Paplu and it is a little different from the original version of the game. It is a combination of Rummy 500 and gin rummy. In this game, a valid set of 13 cards has to be distributed among the players. The required set or sequence has to be made from your card without letting any card unused.

There are two famous types of India Rummy. They are-

  • 13 card Rummy – In 13 card Rummy 13 players have to form the needed sequence.
  • 21 card Rummy – In 21 card rummies, the cards are distributed among 21 players and the set or sequence has to be made. It is popularly known as wedding Rummy or marriage Rummy as most of the times it is played in weddings because of the gathering of a greater number of people.

Make your game more interesting with the deals rummy. Now, do you know what is deals rummy? It is very exciting as you get a chance to make deals and win the game. This is also a type of 13 card rummy game. Players have to play with the chips and make several deals when starting the game. So once the deals are done, the player who had the greatest number of chips wins the game. 

Deals rummies are divided into two types. They are –

  • Best of 2 deals – This is played between two players to six players. The winner can be decided after two deals and he gets the chip points of his opponents. If the players have the same score, then they have to play a tie-breaker.
  • Best of 3 deals – This game also is played between 2 players and can include up to 6 players. In this game, the winner can be decided after the second deal or after the third deal. Here, too a tiebreaker is played if there is a tie. 

The secret to earning a big amount while having fun and get entertained is to understand the game properly. 

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