Plugins That Play A Negative Impact On Your Ecommerce Website Design

Plugins are one of the vital components of a website that makes it work properly and faster. However, every plugin has some positive and negative traits. If you have an e-commerce website, you must always take suggestions from the e-commerce website design expert regarding the plugins you must attach to your website. You can Hire Shopify Developers for Betterment

Here are details of the negativities of a few plugins that you can attach to your e-commerce website. However, all these have many positives too! So, you might not be able to avoid attaching them to your website.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for e-commerce websites. It has many traits that can negatively impact your e-commerce website. There are a lot of addons, and most of them might not be appropriate.

Moreover, the theme support of WooCommerce is not up to the mark. You might not be able to set up a proper theme on your e-commerce website while the WooCommerce plugin is present.


While BigCommerce has a lot of benefits as a plugin for the website, it has a few negativities. Firstly, BigCommerce is poor in terms of integration. It only integrates with a few apps. You might not find any popular app with which BigCommerce can incorporate itself. 

Up-gradation of the plugin is yet another con of BigCommerce as a plugin. You need to update it on a timely basis. It is chargeable, and you might face an interruption due to this.


MemberPass is a plugin present on many e-commerce websites due to its positive impacts. However, this plugin has some negative traits too. These negative traits can take a toll on the performance of the website. 

You can get limited options to pay for the MemberPass plugin. Moreover, there are no quarterly or half-yearly plans of MemberPass. So, you might not get a chance to check its quality before starting to use it permanently for your website. However, many people use it as it is beginner-friendly. It can also help you drive your e-commerce website in any direction you want. 


Shopify is a plugin that most e-commerce websites are using today. It is one of the best plugins that e-commerce website design companies can suggest to you for adding. However, it has also got some negative traits.

Shopify has a monthly payment structure, and you need to pay for every addon while you are using this platform. In the case of paying, you can be charged more if you do not use the Stripe platform. 

Final Words

Every plugin for e-commerce websites has one or the other con. You should not be upset about choosing one but always take proper suggestions from the experts. The best you can do is hire an e-commerce website design company. They know about the plugins well and choose the best ones for you. You can expect your website to perform well with the right plugins. Always check the payment structure before purchasing one.

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