Post title: Imported oak barrels are good?

The trend of choosing to buy imported oak barrels is as exciting as the domestic production lines. Is this product any good? What are their characteristics? Let’s find out through the sharing below.

Characteristics of imported oak barrels

In fact, the imported oak barrels come from many different countries such as Russia, the US, France, etc., so depending on the soil conditions, the wood quality will also be different. But the common point everyone knows is that the price of these barrels is very expensive. However, because it comes from the countries that are considered the first birthplace of this product, it is quite popular.

We can list the features of this product as follows:

French oak casks: Harvested from oak trees in the central and southwestern regions of the country. With a clear vanilla and sweet scent, it is very suitable for soaking light wines

American oak barrels: Wood is harvested from the western United States, its nature produces pungent wine, so it is very suitable for soaking strong wines.

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Russian oak barrels: Wood from this country when producing aging barrels can be suitable for many different wines, due to the nature of wood from a cold country

You see, each country will have a type of oak with different characteristics, diverse for aging many types of wine.

How is the quality of this product?

As mentioned, the trend of choosing to buy imported oak barrels is quite exciting, but in fact it comes from the part of the giants who are willing to pay a large amount of money for it. The rest, people quite like the domestic production line, because the price is cheap and the quality is not inferior to the imported line. But we also cannot deny the plus points of this product:

The design is beautiful and luxurious, so in addition to its main use, it is considered a great decoration element for the space. Especially restaurants, hotels, bars

Extremely durable because the trees harvested are all old trees, over 100 years old. So from the quality of the wood to its appearance, everything is excellent

Soaking wine is extremely delicious because the nature of the barrel comes from quality woods, so mixing with wine in a closed environment will give a different delicious taste.

All products are imported in original, complete units, so the quality and aesthetics are completely tested and guaranteed before coming to users.

Do not use chemicals such as beeswax, glue to produce barrels

Oak is a very watertight wood, so it won’t leak when soaked in wine

Wood has active ingredients that can remove the acrid taste of grapes, restore balance to the wine, the longer you soak it, the more satisfied you will be.

Surely you have an answer here about whether imported oak barrels are good?

The plus point is that but not everyone can own this product because it is too expensive. The original price in foreign markets when returning to Vietnam is still taxed and charged and pushed up 5-7 times compared to the old price. So the amount you have to pay for it is huge. Therefore, instead of choosing it, customers tend to choose locally produced oak barrels. Because the price is suitable for everyone, more importantly, the quality is extremely high. It can be said that only the other product differs in two words “imported”.

And if you still want to choose an imported carton model?

If you are willing to spend a lot of money to own a line of imported wooden crates, there are a few notes for you, to buy the right genuine and quality product, to avoid losing money but receiving an unexpected product.

First you can test by testing with water to recognize the sour smell of real oak. Usually at the dealer you will have a hard time trying this. So it is possible by checking the papers, the origin of the product. At the same time, check the wood quality, color, and texture to realize if it is a genuine product line or not.

Depending on economic conditions, you can choose imported CBU lines, or choose domestic production lines, but with 100% imported materials, it will also bring absolute satisfaction in quality.

So this short sharing article has helped you understand whether imported oak barrels are good or not. Wish you will be easier when choosing for yourself the product lines to soak wine.

author : Thùng gỗ phạm gia

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