Practices for Improving and Maintaining Eyelash Health

Eyelashes are a crucial component of our facial structure, and they serve as our beauty features and protect our delicate eyes. Our lashes form a complete barrier when we close our eyes and prevent dust, dirt, & other harmful particles from entering the cornea. They also work as a sensor by alerting us to the presence of anything coming near our eyes. To carry on these functions properly, it is essential to maintain their health and hygiene by being consistent with their care routine and applying the best lash growth serum to keep them moisturized. Here are the factors which affect the growth of your lash and remedies by which we can combat the adverse effects. 

Activities Which Affect Your Lash Quality

Rubbing Eyes

Rubbing the eyes is one of the most common yet damaging mistakes that affect the lash structure and makes the follicles brittle. The friction caused between the lashes leads to premature lash fall, and rubbing may cause lashes to get pulled out easily. 

Rubbing your eyes is harmful to your lashes and can cause infection in the area around your eyes and cause irritation in the cornea. Hence, it is advisable to be gentle while touching areas around your eye. 

Pulling Your Lashes

We often tweeze an extra pair of lashes while removing the one already shed from the eyelid. Lashes still in the growth stage are sensitive and prone to breakage, and they must be left untouched till they complete their growth cycle. In order to prevent additional lash breakage, we must let them shed off naturally and avoid pulling or touching.

Applying Glue on Lash Line

Eyelash extensions are easily available and the most used alternative to get voluminous and longer lashes in no time. The procedure for applying these can be harsh, damaging, and lead to natural lash pull-out. We need to apply one or two layers of glue on our lash line to stick the artificial lash extensions, which might get transferred to the natural lash roots and cause follicle breakage.

Using Harsh Cleansers

Your lashes are placed at a delicate part, and basic cleansers might be too harsh on them. The ingredients used in face cleansers may not work on your lashes and lead to dry & brittle eyelashes. Using such washes off the moisture. We must wash our lashes using a gentle cleanser and moisturize them right after the step.

Electric Heat Curlers

Nowadays, electric curlers are in trend. They lift the lashes instantly by curling them with their heating formula. Curling damages the lashes by making them brittle. With prolonged usage, this may even burn your natural lashes. Before using a curler, try to apply the best lash growth serum for extra protection.

Practices to Repair Damaged Lashes

Damaged lashes can be rejuvenated by following a few steps. Although getting back to normal is gradual, being consistent can help your lashes retain their natural strength faster than usual.

Apply Serum

Serums are designed to nourish and boost your lash growth with their unique formula. The ingredients in serums aid lash repairment and moisturize them from roots. Ingredients such as thiotaine and biotin have powerful antioxidants. Lash MD professional might be the best lash growth serum for your eyelash health.

Oils Containing Nourishing Properties

Oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, and castor are rated to be safe and effective for your lashes. Applying such can promote hair growth and nourish existing lashes from within. For better results, apply these before going to bed and wash them with a gentle cleanser when you wake up. Lastly, complete the step by applying serum. 

Proper Hydration and a Balanced Diet 

Staying hydrated moisturizes your follicles deeply. Dehydration is the foremost cause of brittle and dry lash. Similarly, following a healthy, protein-rich balanced diet accelerates the growth of new follicles. Maintaining these strengthens your lash cubicles from within. 

Lash Grooming

Grooming our lashes is an essential part of maintaining lash hygiene. We must follow an organized care routine, from cleaning the lashes to nourishing them with the best lash growth serum. Massaging your eyelid boosts hair growth in the best possible way. Take a few drops of oil or serum for gentle application and massage the area for 5-7 minutes.


The listed steps are the key to maintaining a healthy lash care routine. Before jumping on to the solutions we must address the problems to avoid first. Preventing things that damage or harm our natural growth structure is the best solution. Yet, maintaining a regular routine is also a must for achieving the desired results. The healthier your lashes are, the faster they grow. 

Eyelashes protect our eyes from many harmful substances present in the environment. Thus, doing proper hygiene and nourishment practices would ensure the safety of our eyes. Consult with your dermatologist, before using any product. You may try MD lash professional products with ingredients that support growth as well as the health of the lashes.

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