Prismatic batteries vs. cylindrical batteries

We require batteries today for running almost every electronic appliance or device. Whether it’s a Smartphone, laptop, or a device like a tablet, batteries play an essential role in providing power to each of these things. Whether you are going to purchase a cylindrical battery pack or a prismatic battery pack, first, you should know the difference between them.

What is a prismatic battery?

Prismatic batteries are small and light in construction. Aluminum or steel casing may be used, which keeps them very durable. Sadly, this ensures that they are more costly to produce. They are also used in small batteries, like those used in tablets and phones. So, prismatic batteries are one of the best batteries, but they are costly as they require more money to make them, so manufacturers sell these batteries costly as well. There are also LFP prismatic cells that you can use for this purpose.

What is a cylindrical battery?

Cylindrical batteries are shaped like a cylinder and require huge space. Because of their lower price, they are a very popular and widely used battery type. They are commonly found in laptops and even electric vehicles. So, if you are also searching for something less costly, then you can also buy a cylindrical battery. Just remember that they require more space.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Both of these batteries have advantages and disadvantages as well. You should continue reading this article if you want to know then briefly.

Advantages of cylindrical battery – Cylindrical batteries can have a more consistent production method and procedures, also the quality to withstand high internal pressures before compressing. These batteries can be made much more quickly and at a lower cost than prismatic batteries. They can also maintain a more consistent temperature as compare to prismatic batteries.

The disadvantage of cylindrical batteries – the one and only disadvantage of cylindrical batteries is, they require so much space. If you are making a device which will work on cylindrical batteries in the future, then you should leave so much space for these batteries.

Advantages of prismatic batteries – Prismatic batteries, on the other side, are smaller in size. They are used to save space. It allows us to connect 4 batteries to build a 12-volt power pack. Although they are more expensive, their lighter toning and rectangular design give the brand manufacturer more options. So, these are the advantages of a prismatic battery.

Disadvantages of prismatic batteries – there are also a few disadvantages of prismatic batteries. First, they are very costly, that a normal person who is doing some experiments may not be able to afford them. Also, failure in a single prismatic battery will affect the working of the whole pack. So, if these issues are not big for you, then you can use such a pouch cell for your use.

Which one is better?

Most manufacturers choose cylindrical batteries as they are less costly. But if you can’t compromise on the space, then a prismatic battery is the best choice for you. So, you should choose the one according to your needs. We hope that this cylindrical lithium ion battery comparison will help you in making the right choice.

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