Pros & Cons of Electric Longboard: Know & Buy

The concept of electric skateboarding is to add to the basic skate one or two electric motors to turn the wheels on their own. The skate is controlled by a remote control that controls the motors, more or less powerful. The electric skate is equipped with a battery, ensuring more or less long autonomy.

Advantages of electric longboard

Please focus on the electric longboard, its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages compared to other types of remote-controlled skateboards: the long electric skate, the benchmark for speed lovers.

  • The electric longboard is long, wide, and extremely stable boards designed for long rides, beautiful turns, and unmatched fluidity. Their strengths lie in their power. Depending on the model, they can go up to 40 km / h, a power allowed by two motors with a respectable number of watts, which allows its happy owner to make rides combining sensations of speed, control, and fluidity.
  • In addition, for the more adventurous among us, its use is not limited to the ride; we can also try the very aesthetic discipline of dancing, thanks to its length, which allows us to link the “steps.” basic freestyle movement. In short, it is a powerful board of ride, combining comfort and ergonomics to guarantee the most pleasant free rides while satisfying the amateurs of speed!
  • The electric longboard also offers the possibility of going up the hills without the engine exerting too much effort or overheating, which is a plus compared to the electric skateboard, whose more limited power does not allow such feats. Finally, the power of its battery compensates for the fact that there are two motors for optimal autonomy.
  • It may sound silly, but yet this is the main advantage of electric skateboarding: no need to push anymore, let yourself go; the motors do the work for you! This goes for the climbs, too, with no effort! You will be able to consider trips that are much longer than what you could do with your cruiser/longboard before you burned out.
  • You can know, and most importantly, control your speed. With the electric skate, you choose how fast you want to ride, and you perfectly control that speed with the remote control. Braking is also easier because you no longer need to put your foot on the ground!
  • Theoretically, the handling and reliability of the skate remain the same as with your good old cruiser.

Before you buy any product, you must know about its pros and cons. If the good side is more profitable than the bad side, it can be purchased. When it comes to purchasing electric longboards, you can easily buy your wanted products sitting at home from various online websites by online shopping.

The disadvantages of the electric longboard

As for the disadvantages, the main one is the weight, because the electric longboards are heavier than the electric skateboard. They are between two and three kilos more, which makes them heavy to carry over time, but the fact that they can climb the ribs reduces the number of places where it is necessary to wear it, so it is a fairly slight inconvenience. The other is the lack of tail, which prevents going down the sidewalks in an urban environment, where the electric skate has more of its place.


If you are tired of your long and exhausting trips with your skate, opt for an electric skate with a range that suits you. It will be important to choose a reliable skateboard to avoid big falls or other technical problems. I advise you to go and see opinions and reviews on the internet before making your choice. I recommend that you go and test the skateboards in-store before buying one. Your best bet would even be to buy your new electric cruiser from a skate shop or other specialty store. This would allow you first to be able to try it, receive advice, and ensure the guarantee of support for the skate if it is defective or if you encounter problems.

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