Proxy server: solving problems with anonymity and censorship on the Internet

A proxy server is an intermediary between the user and the site that is planned to be visited. Moreover, the latter “thinks” that the proxy is the very “user”. Why is this needed? – you ask. Why can’t you visit sites directly? You can, but if you are sure of the security of such a connection.

When is a proxy server needed?

These “intermediaries” are extremely useful. Moreover, both for personal anonymization and for business activities. Among the scenarios where a proxy is used are:

  • Confidentiality. If you want to keep your privacy when visiting sites.
  • Safety. If you are afraid of hacker attacks on your saved IP. Thanks to the proxy, the blow will be on him.
  • Overcoming limitations. Some sites only work in the marked regions. The proxy bypasses these restrictions.
  • Removing locks. If the provider has closed access to the site or services, or you have been blocked by IP.

Sometimes a proxy is useful to speed up page loading. True, for this you need to choose the server itself correctly. For example, if the site is American, then it is better to choose a proxy server from the United States. You can make use of thepirateproxybay for better options.

Why buy a proxy server?

An alternative to proxy servers is cheap VPN. However, high-quality service requires a lot of money. And on a regular basis. Against this background, it is more profitable to buy a proxy server at It is inexpensive. By purchasing it, you get:

  • Constant protection on the Internet from intruders, trackers, spyware and viruses.
  • Complete anonymity. It is impossible to calculate you, since all visits point to other servers.
  • Censorship free internet. Visit any sites, do not be afraid to block instant messengers and social networks.
  • Saving traffic. A feature of using a proxy server is data compression during transmission.
  • High-speed performance. From now on, the Internet works quickly, it loads easily in whatever country you are.

One question remains to be resolved: which server to buy? You should not use the free offers that are available on the web. They are extremely unreliable and have a lower level of anonymity. It is better to purchase proxy servers from reliable providers.

What should be a quality proxy?

There are many situations when you shouldn’t use standard Internet access for any purpose. It’s not always a bad thing, like playing in a casino. It happens that changing the IP is necessary for work, for example, for writing messages on social networks. In this case, you can use a paid proxy.

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Why do I need a paid proxy

According to the website of the provider, proxies are most often bought for the following purposes:
collection of the semantic core for the site or other SEO activities;
promotion in social networks. Moreover, this is not necessarily spam, even the publication of ads in groups where it is allowed may end up with a ban;
traffic arbitrage, use of CPA affiliate networks;
placement of advertisements on large marketplaces (for example, Amazon);
creation of twinks and bots in multiplayer online games;
bypassing restrictions on video viewing, listening to audio, which may be set by individual sites for certain countries.

Depending on your tasks, you can choose a proxy from a specific country or with the required bandwidth.

What should be a quality proxy

When choosing a proxy server, it is important to make sure that it will fully meet your needs. Providers’ experts believe that a good proxy is:
maintain a stable high-speed connection up to 1 Gb / s;
work with various popular protocols, including HTTP (s) and Socks5;
precisely determine the city where the client will be “located” when using a proxy, so that the user can select a specific region, country, settlement;
be exclusively in the personal use of one client, so that there are no problems with temporary and permanent blockages due to too frequent access to certain services;
relatively inexpensive, cheaper when ordering for a long time or when buying a package of several servers;
guaranteed to be a worker. In case of problems, the proxy provider must change it or even return the money.
In addition, the service itself that sells the proxy must provide uninterrupted customer support so that each user can contact an experienced specialist with their problem. In particular, it is important that customers are assisted with the configuration at all stages of using the service, and if a person cannot cope on his own, set up proxies themselves through TeamViewer or another secure remote access program.

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