Quartz Banger and Other Types of Bangers

Bangers are essential for using devices like bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, etc. It is a type of dab nail that is in the shape of a bowl with a flat bottom. A Banger is connected to a water pipe through a joint. When attached to a dab rig, it is used for lighting up the herbs. So in a way, it is a different form of dab nail.

There are several types of bangers which we will discuss later in the article. For now, let’s begin with quartz banger.

What is a Quartz Banger?

A Quartz Banger, made from one piece of quartz, is a type of nail that is heated to light up the herbs and consume their flavors. It is mainly used with a water pipe so that the vapor reaches your mouth.

Bangers are, in general, easy to use due to their basic design and a quartz banger has several advantages.


How Does Quartz Banger Work?

To begin with, a quartz banger is first heated up. Its ability to retain heat helps turn herbs into vapors. The user then inhales these vapors.

How to Use a Quartz Banger?

Follow the below-mentioned steps-

  1. Begin by fixing the quartz banger in the dab rig. Ensure the joint size of the dab rig and quartz banger is the same.
  2. Using a Butane torch, evenly heat the banger. Do bear in mind to remove any inflammable items before using the torch.
  3. Next, use a dabber to scope out a small amount of concentrate and place it in the banger.
  4. Now, using a dabber, carefully stir the concentrate in your banger.
  5. One can use a carb cap for stirring the concentrate in the banger, and it helps maintain heat evenly. But do not go overboard with the stirring. This step is mostly an optional one.

Follow these steps to the tee and enjoy a great smoking session.

Cleaning A Quartz Banger

It is wise to clean the quartz banger after each dabbing session. Nothing complicated; just use a cotton or a q-tip. If you do not find yourself doing so, then dedicate your time towards a thorough cleaning of it.

  1. The most effective way is to immerse it in isopropyl alcohol. By doing so, any build-up resin will loosen and dilute.
  2. Rinse it thoroughly.
  3. Then use a cloth or swab to clean the banger.
  4. Additionally, one can use a pipe cleaner to scrap resin from difficult-to-reach areas.

Cleaning and maintaining a quartz banger or any banger is essential. It ensures that the user can enjoy flavors to their optimum capacity.

Pros of Using a Quartz Banger

  1. One gets to experience better flavors. The slow-burning of the herbs using a quartz banger ensures a satisfactory and long dabbing session.
  2. It doesn’t tamper with the taste of the herbs.
  3. Quartz bangers are comparatively easy to clean.
  4. These restrict airflow, thereby allowing longer dabbing sessions.
  5. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using quartz bangers is that they retain heat longer than any other material like titanium or glass. A minimum 3mm wall thickness quartz bangers retain heat for a long time.
  6. They are durable than any other material. Glass can break if overheated. The same is the case with ceramic bangers. But quartz bangers can be heated low or to very high temperatures.
  7. Quartz bangers come in different sizes, and both male and female varieties are available.

Cons of Using a Quartz banger

  1. It requires regular maintenance.
  2. It can break if one happens to drop it.
  3. Due to its bowl-like shape, quartz bangers tend to collect residue.

Different Types of Quartz Banger Design

When shopping for a quartz banger, one can get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of designs available. Following are the most common ones-

  1. Standard- this one has thin walls. So, it heats up quickly and can cool down quickly as well.
  2. Thermal- considered slightly better than the standard one, this design allows users to smoke at a low temperature. Additionally, it can retain heat for a longer time.
  3. Flat top with insert cup- comparatively new design in the market, this design is easy to clean as well.
  4. Reactor core banger- this one retains heat for a very long time and provides the correct dabbing temperature for a longer duration.

Different Types of Bangers

Now that we have educated ourselves enough regarding quartz bangers let’s focus on the other types of bangers.

  1. Glass- these are the most common and basic ones. Glass happens to be a practical and cheap choice. They are easy to use and easy to clean. Since glass bangers come with dab rigs, it becomes an obvious choice. Both male and female joint sizes are available. On the downside, glass bangers can break easily. Secondly, these do not adapt to heat changes that quickly.
  2. Ceramic- these were quite popular till quartz bangers came along. Ceramic bangers are chemically passive and can retain heat for a longer duration.
  3. Titanium is popular among dab lovers because they heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time. However, if the titanium banger heats up too much, it can dampen the flavor. Unlike glass, ceramic, or quartz bangers, titanium bangers do not break. The biggest disadvantage is that titanium can affect the flavor of the concentrate. At the most, you can invest in high-grade titanium to bypass its disadvantages.
  4. Adjustable nails- as the name suggests, adjustable nails fit different dab rig sizes. Made with titanium, the nail fits inside the stem. On the downside, adjustable nails tamper with the taste of the concentrate.
  5. Electronic nails are meant to be plugged directly into the wall and maintain the temperature of the nail. Perfect for those who do not wish to work with a torch and cause injury. It maintains the temperature of the nail and helps you get the maximum out of your concentrate.

Apart from the above-mentioned nails, a few others like Daisy nail and Birdhouse nail are high on aesthetic appeal. In comparison, Universal nail and Sidearm nail are more practical choices.

Final Words

Selecting, buying, and using a nail or banger comes down to personal choice and what dab set-up you have for yourself. After gathering information on different types of nails, it is safe to say that quartz bangers win the deal here. They are durable, low maintenance, and deliver a perfect dabbing session.

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