Deer, if not the swiftest, then, one of the swiftest animals in the world! Apart from being swift, deer is also known for its ability to detect predators within the twinkling of an eye, thanks to its long ear. This makes hunting a deer a real deal. In this post, you’ll learn more about real deer hunting. So read on!

Tracking the quarry

To hunt for a deer may be a complex task if you don’t master the art of tracking the quarry. By so doing, you should note the initial location of the deer before the bullet struck it. That point is where the tracking would commence. After that, you should look out for blood. You may be wondering how this would work? Well, except you missed the game, there’ll be blood droplets to find on the ground. Blood smears against vegetations are common. If it is against a tree, then, it suggests, the deer wouldn’t be far from that point as the deer must have been weak.

Also, there would be broken twigs and disturbed vegetation to identify easily. You must move stealthily because the deer would certainly be listening for sound approaching as well. Moreover, when the deer is within sight, it is important to wait and see if there are still movements. If there is movement, then you must observe if it is a weak one or not. 

Finally, to use a binocular while hunting for a deer is not taboo. As a matter of fact, it will make it more fun and interesting than before. You can check for the best binoculars and some other equipment to make deer hunting a breeze

What is the first responsibility of the hunter once an animal has been shot?

You will agree that not everyone is lucky to have that killer shot that could drop an animal instantly. No one expects an animal to stick around for the hunter to come for pick up. Therefore, the first thing you must do once your bullet hits a deer is to set out on recovering the game.

Meanwhile, it is essential to wait a while before moving in. This is because waiting will not only help you pick out sounds like a splash but also allow the deer to take a rest within close distance without feeling threatened. Therefore, if you begin chasing immediately, more adrenaline (the hormone that helps in time of danger) would be produced within the deer. Hence, the deer may elude you.

What comes after the shot?

Unfortunately, many hunters’ mistakes after they kill a deer are that they get too excited by taking a picture of the deer without tagging it. However, no matter how excited you are, you must first tag your deer after taking the picture.  Moreover, you can decide to dress the deer onsite or offsite, depending on your choice. And regardless of where you chose to dress the dear, ensure the entrails are properly removed for better preservation.

Without a doubt, the game surely ends at home. This is where you will process the deer either by grinding the meat with the best meat grinder for hunters or by slicing the meat, depending on your choice.


Like other swift and large animals, hunting for deer requires a lot of patience combined with some technical skills. When you shoot a deer, avoid running after it immediately, even when you are sure it is dead. These will greatly avail you of hitch-free deer hunting. 

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