Revolut for Travel


In continuation of the daily progress and discovery in the sphere of technology, the global community began to require new types of services that will be able to cover all the necessary and new improvements especially in the field of finance. However currently we are facing so many online platforms that are providing users with different services in the field of finance. In this short article, we want to write about Revolut as one of the successful ideas and platforms in this regard, know about its possibilities and discover its features for travelers.

Revolut & Its Abilities 

As mentioned above, Revolut is an online platform that is providing users with some financial services totally in online format. With the mobile app of Revolut that is available for all users around the world, customers will easily be able to make an account, make a payment in more than 30 countries and create or split the bills as easily as possible. Additionally in the regard of financial management, this platform is providing users with the spending statistics that will help them to manage their expenses easier. Also with Revolut cards, users simply will be able to make contactless payments, link their cards to apple pay and google pay and also make online shopping with the single-use cards. It is worthy to mention that Revolut offers very good investment opportunities for its users to convert their cash to crypto instantly; it counts as one of the best features of this platform.

Revolut for Travel 

One of the most important services that Revolut is providing is to connect to the travelers; vise versa than other platforms, Revolut does not just cover some financial services but also provides some specific services and trip advice. This platform offers the best exchange rates, a simple platform, secure and fast for users to make a money transfer internationally especially in the time of trips. Additionally in the regard of traveling, Revolut is providing users with so many different global insurances that users can be secure not just financially but physically too. Should be noted that users will be able to use their Revolut cards to make a payment, transfer and withdraw in more than 30 countries around the world without any extra or hidden fees. It is worthy to mention that in the case of a trip, users do not need to notify Revolut. Also this platform is providing users with some advice that will help them to enjoy their trips. Revolut is advising users to verify their identity, make their cards ready for trips, fill up their cards before the trip and enjoy the exchange rates.


Definitely, Revolut and its features can be counted as one of the most significant online platforms around the world that is making life easier for users around the world. We believe, this platform with its unique services in the regard of travelers, made itself one of the best options for users in the current and future time.

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