Risk-free betting strategies used by top gamblers

To increase the probability and size of winning in N1 Bet is the desire of experienced cappers and beginners who decide to bet on sports results. To realize these desires, bettors will need a reliable tool. This is a betting strategy.

Choosing the tactics of the game

There are two betting techniques:

  • passive – the parlay is that nothing will happen (nothing will change in the match: there will be no goal, the lower total, and so on);
  • active – parlays on outcomes that imply changes in the score or the commission of some action (a goal scored, a team victory, a corner).

Each behavior model deserves a living, but we recommend it to choose a defensive tactic. So the player has more options under adverse circumstances.

Parlays on more favorable odds

Events are analyzed before the start of the match. Bookmakers evaluate obvious outcomes with low quotes, so it is unjustified to flirt with them. They bet on the favorite with a coefficient of 1.2-1.3, or even less.

Bettors who try to parlay in a smart way miss the match. However, you can wait for it to start and put it at a more favorable coefficient. When the favorite is the first to miss, the quotes for his victory increase.

Now the same outcome is estimated by kef not 1.2, but 1.65. Before making a bet, you should carefully study the events in the field and weigh all the pros and cons. Perhaps it is better to save the funds.

You can not wait for the onset of certain actions, but place a bet after some playing time. With the same zero draw, the quotes for the success of the favorite will increase. Albeit not as significant as when the ball is missed.

It easily applied such a zero risk betting strategy in other sports, for example, in tennis.

Total more before the final whistle

Teams in the end can play without the center of the field. They can attack each other and try to score against each other. The ball is not delayed in one half, but is quickly delivered to the opponent’s penalty area. Why not play the total more?

Be careful, because there is a high probability of a goal in matches when both teams need a victory.

By the meeting, we can see that the current result suits the opponents. So, no one takes risks and is content with little. It is often found in the games of teams that are at the bottom of the table at the end of the season. For them, every typed item is important. It is undesirable to put on a “riding” total in such a situation.


The essence of the strategy is to conclude two parlays at the same time in such a way that a special “corridor” appears. If the result of the game is between this “corridor”, then the player’s winnings will increase significantly. In case of winning only one bet, the player compensates for losses because of a loss on another parlay.

In the “corridors” strategy, a player needs to make two bets at the same time, with approximately the same coefficients. It is optimal that they are greater than the 2.0 indicator for one sporting event. The results, which the bettor puts on, should be the opposite. In the example, these possible results look like this:

  • “team 1” will win with a goal difference of over one;
  • “team 2” will lose with a goal difference of only 2.

It will be lost if “team 2” wins or there is a draw.

If the “team 1” wins with a difference of over two goals, then the first parlay will be the winner. If “team 1” wins with a difference of 2 goals, then there will be a “corridor” when both parlays win.

For the no risk bet strategy “Corridor”, such types of bets as “total” and “handicap” are optimally suited. It is best to play this strategy at basketball or hockey matches.


The “Ladder” implies a series of parlay with a gradual increase in the initial bet. Each subsequent bet increases by the net amount of winnings from the previous bet. The net winnings is determined by subtracting the amount of the bet made from the money received because of the winnings.

When making a parlay, the capper needs to rely on his own analysis of sports events. You only need to bet on the results of sports events, in passing which he is 99% or 100% sure.

The betting line includes events with approximately the same coefficient. This coefficient for the results of sports events on average should be between 1.10-1.20.

The “Ladder” strategy is recommended in several cases:

  1. A bettor cannot afford to use a large bankroll size.
  2. A beginner who is not good at analyzing the sports form of teams. But a beginner can predict the results of matches with high accuracy.

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