Rocket League Ranking Up Tips – How To Reach Grand Champion Fast?

For the beginner, Rocket League seems so simple is actually a monster to master. However, developed some tricks and tips comes from professional players to help you move forward through the ranks – reaching Grand Champion to exceed your limits.

This Rocket League guide takes it for granted that you have done your homework as a player and that you already know the theory regarding your positioning. If this is your first time hearing about positioning and its importance, here is a useful guide that will serve you for a long time. This is the basis that will allow you to subsequently focus on the more picky aspects of the game.

Save a few parts to scan them

Going with the preamble, analyzing its parts is essential for a rapid progression. Doing this work in the middle of a match is almost impossible. First of all, Rocket League is an extremely fast game, expect buying Rocket League credits to make up your car, you also need some skills to win games. The few moments it take to properly assess whether our progress was the right decision to make can cost us dearly. Moreover, it is impossible to be impartial in the middle of a joust.

Analyzing situations using the backup function will allow you to better see your mistakes. It is important to focus on your own performance and not that of your teammates. If your opponents scored a goal, ask yourself where you were. In some cases, it was impossible for you to be present to prevent it. In others you might realize that a solution existed, but which had escaped you by then.

This study of yourself will also allow you to better notice bad habits that you have. It will be more obvious to see the poor positioning of a bird’s eye view. It will also be easier to see when you should have made a pass instead of a shot and vice versa.

Finally, it will be possible to assess whether your main problem is creating scoring chances or if finishing your chances is the problem. In the second case, use the next tip.

Use the training sequences made by the community

We recommend three types of training. First, each sequence of play should begin with a warm-up. Several trainings for this purpose exist. The goal here is not to perfect difficult scenarios, but to put you in the zone and allow your brain to feel comfortable with the movements of the ball.

Then, training related to ball control on the ground is essential. In 3v3 it is rarer to have time to dribble, but in 1v1 or 2v2 it is essential. In addition, being able to catch the ball well on the ground will speed up your level of play.

Then, once you’ve identified a loophole in your game using your saved game analysis, find a workout related to it. For example, if you notice that double-taps are still too difficult for you, spend about fifteen minutes a day in a workout that consists specifically of various double-taps.

If this is all too easy for you, use this challenge: When doing a practice, do not take the next shot until you have landed yours three times in a row. This will improve the stability of your performance level.

Do not play 10 hours in a row (avoid autopilot)

It may seem counterintuitive to advise playing less while trying to improve. The reason is that in order to truly improve, and to improve quickly, you have to play smart. You absolutely have to avoid the autopilot and create a certain structure.

So mindless ranked games for 10 hours will not be as effective as a training program with game analyzes. If you still want to spend your entire day playing, try to structure it to take breaks and non-game times. For example, take a break after 5 games to stretch your legs. Also, be sure to save at least one for analysis before starting a new sequence of games. Good luck on your climb!

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