SEO – Why do some websites thrive while others struggle to survive? 

But what did Guru whisper upon the lobes of Jacob that his years thereafter were gold and glimmers? He, after all, was pretty sure that he could walk it alone to and beyond the Himalayas without a whit of any guide — There were trails few, there were trees and streams sometimes, there were proverbs and aphorisms few from here and there about what it is like to be in that journey. But why then he walked to the open gates of a guru? And what does this have anything to do with websites, with the Best SEO Services, and the internet? We’ll speak to you about Jacob, but let’s just pick the internet and SEO for the time being.

What is this internet but a world wild web – a planet of its own sort. And what are we upon it but some aliens trying to make an understanding of its peaks and streams and airs in an attempt to not just survive, but thrive? People think of the Internet as Google, and for all the basic reasons of it being the most popular gateway to this planet (Only if we ignore the Darkweb and around.) Data has it that around 91% of all the websites around suffer from zero organic traffic – Or put in simple terms, around 91% of all the people who come into this world, with the hope of creating a footprint and getting famous among all, annihilate in isolation without any visitor. What do we attribute it to?

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Jacob, the Himalayas, and the earlier days of his journey.

Jacob was pitch sure of how easily he could sail through the steeps and pits of Himalayas, for how smooth and serene they looked from a distance. He took his cane and trod towards the laps of it, and it was all wonderful till then. Days were falling beyond and he still was somehow assured that he is not lost and is climbing fine still. But time and time again when that peak was keeping coming closer an inch and going far a meter, he sighed and his hopes started to shrink weak. He was getting old, he was falling weak, and the peak was still the same distance when he had started his journey. But then he recalled those words about some hermitage and the person who is known to paths of this wild. He went and knocked, and there came the being whose face was sheer wisdom, whose voice sheer salvation. The guru came closer to him and said, “I would guide you through the trails, I would guide you through the pits and unknowns, but the cost would be of many kinds, and the rewards would be of kinds furthermore.”

When it comes to this thing called internet, the laws are no different. The territory is novel, its paths novel, its ways wild, and its rules specific. There are few stats to consider before speaking further — Around 67,000 people every second do ask Google about this thing or that thing; Around 68% of the total internet surfing starts with google; Google, although the most popular, is not the only search engine in the world; and around 60% of world’s population has access to the internet. It has become a necessity to have the presence of some sort on the internet – be it social media, or a website. And when it comes to websites, around 2 billion are there as in 2021. So how do those few (around 10 to 20 websites) from 2 billion show up before a person looking for something, even when it might have lesser quality content than the one not even showing up in results? It all comes down to SEO practices and best SEO services.

The best SEO services and why do many Jacobs come to its refuge?

While a Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) is like a gatekeeper or a watchman who knows almost everything about those living in the society and thereby tells those willing to know anything in that society, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a rule book by which those society members informs the watchman about their presence, in case someone approaches him asking for them. But the watchman has some rules as to how those in the society must tell him about their presence, about the good or services they offer, and about where they live. Above this all, the watchman keeps on updating these rules about the betterment of the society. Now, considering that these rules are complex and people need to focus on other creative areas, it would be a hassle for those members to regularly ask those rules so as to keep others known to their presence – this is where best SEO services come in.

SEO services help websites tell search engines about their presence and that they have the things that people around the world are looking for. Here Google being the most famous search engine, covering around 93% share in the total search market, SEO agencies mainly focus on Google and its updates. Earlier when Google was new in this internet world, a lot of people used to use foul tactics (called blackhat tactics) to come among those topmost pages of search results. It was like a person selling Shoes telling the watchman that he sells socks too, or putting banners all over around about himself while depriving other genuine sellers. But by the time Google released many SEO updates around these issues – major among them being Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, Bert, and other core updates – in an attempt to improve the overall user experience. And now with deep machine learning and A.I. on the verge, it is going to refine the experience further.

This Himalayan Peak and the websites trying to climb it.

Now when Jacob tried all his might to reach that peak, he needed the help of someone already known to those lands. This internet is no different. SEO agencies use their wisdom in the field of SEO to help websites create their powerful presence on the internet and reach that first search result page. 92% of people using Google never visit the second page, and this calls for some hard work to reach that first search page. It does not only earns them fame but earns them the revenue manifold. Those serious about the peak should consider these SEO services. If had Jacob asked for help earlier, it might have saved him time and strength.

If you too are thinking of the help and nurturing your website does deserve, take a bit of your time and consider these SEO packages ( Drop a text anytime in case you hold any question.

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