Seven Types of Rental Property Maintenance Landlords Have to Deal With

Landlords generally have to deal with seemingly endless maintenance issues. As you purchase and manage your property, you should learn how much to budget for the ongoing maintenance needs you may encounter. Apart from emergency repairs, you also need to have preventative maintenance measures to keep your investment property in top condition. As a landlord, your Thousand Oaks property management practices should include the following types of maintenance: 

Basic Maintenance

The law requires landlords to maintain basic standards of habitability in their rental properties. In general, the warranty of habitability includes addressing issues related to electrical system repairs, plumbing system repairs, structural repairs, mold found on your property, pest extermination, and other repairs that threaten the health and safety of your tenants. tree pruning by an expert in Austin

Emergency Maintenance

This form of rental property maintenance occurs when you least expect it and you need to prepare for it. Whether it is a broken and unsecured entry door, broken-down heater, frozen burst pipe, or unexpected pest infestation, these problems require immediate attention from you. By doing so, you protect the warranty of habitability and protect your property from more significant damage. In areas like Arlington Heights, where pest control arlington heights issues may arise, it’s essential to be proactive in addressing such concerns to maintain the integrity of your rental property.

Routine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and diagnostic repairs should be part of your rental property maintenance plan. You can set up maintenance contracts with vendors for major systems like HVAC. This allows vendors to schedule regular checkups throughout the year, making sure your most expensive systems run at peak performance. Routine maintenance can also benefit fridges, stoves, sump pumps, washers or dryers, and dishwashers.

Seasonal Property Maintenance

Seasonal property maintenance will vary depending on where your property is located. But, there should be some seasonal tasks to complete no matter the location. These can include gutter cleaning every fall to snow removal in winter.

Property Turnover

This process makes your property ready for a new tenant after another moves out. Expenses for his maintenance task could vary, depending on some factors. The costs involved in this maintenance include repairs related to wear and tear, property damage from tenants, carpet cleaning or re-carpeting, repainting, and professional cleaning.


Whether you handle landscaping yourself or hire a vendor, outdoor spaces must be given attention. It is important to prune dead tree limbs for safety and maintain curb appeal to attract quality renters. Your tenants should be responsible for law cutting based on the terms of the lease; however, you still have to address bigger tasks.

Pest Control

A regular pest control plan is important to prevent costly issues from arising, says Glen Stanford, owner at Diamond Pest Control in London. Although tenants should take responsibility for infestations that resulted from their neglect, you still have to follow up to make sure the issue is eliminated, he adds. Pest control is often something Landlords leave until there is a serious problem. However, as Glen points out, preventing pests in the first place is paramount. Pest proofing and regular maintenance contract might be the perfect option.

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