Should You Wear Sunglasses While Driving?

The ability to see where you are going is absolutely crucial when you are driving an automobile. Unfortunately, weather conditions of rain, snow, or bright sunshine can decrease visibility. Wearing sunglasses while you are driving can help reduce glare. This improves your view of the road and helps you avoid eye strain by preventing you from squinting. If the lenses have been treated to block ultraviolet radiation, sunglasses can help protect you from cancer and other forms of eye damage.

However, not all sunglasses are exactly alike or afford you the same protection. Instead of just reducing glare, polarized sunglasses actually prevent it from reaching your eyes. They can help you see better when driving in rain as well as sunshine.

How Polarized Glasses Protect You From Sun Glare While Driving

In most cases, light that touches an object gets scattered off in all directions. Some of the scattered light rays enter your eyes through the pupils, which is what allows you to see. Ordinarily, the reflected light is not enough to overwhelm your eyes. However, when light strikes a smooth horizontal surface, the reflection may bounce off in one direction rather than getting scattered. When this occurs, it is called glare and makes it more difficult to see because more of the light is going into your eyes at the same time. Examples of surfaces that can cause glare while you are driving include the hood of your car, the snow-covered ground out the window, the windshields of passing vehicles, and the road itself.

Polarized sunglasses for women and men are treated with a chemical that blocks certain light waves. This is applied in such as fashion that it allows only vertically oriented light waves to get through. Since most glare is horizontal, polarized lenses effectively block it out. This helps you to see more clearly when driving in bright sunshine.

How Polarized Sunglasses Can Help You See Better in the Rain

Not all sunglasses help you see better when driving in the rain, but polarized sunglasses do. Rain makes the roads shiny and more reflective, which can produce glare. Polarized sunglasses can block out this glare, just as it does in the bright sunshine.

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When light waves hit individual raindrops, the light can get scattered randomly in all directions. The result is an atmospheric condition that has a similar effect on your vision that fog does. Wearing polarized sunglasses while driving in the rain can improve your vision by filtering out the scattered light from the raindrops.

It should be noted that not all sunglasses can help you see better in the rain. Non-polarized lenses that only shade your eyes do nothing to filter light and reduce glare. It should also be noted that merely being polarized does not make sunglasses good for driving. The lenses should be a neutral color because colored lenses can make distinguishing traffic lights more difficult.

Wearing mens polarized sunglasses while you drive can help improve your ability to see whatever the weather conditions. Find a wide selection at an affordable price from online retailers.

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