Signs your Home Needs a new Siding

Having a robust metal and vinyl siding works as the first line of defense against the severe elements of Edmonton. They do their best to protect your property, however, they also need all the help you can give them. Once the barrier installed by your siding has been compromised, weather, rodents, termites will get an easy access point to the other materials of your house. In order to make the siding work its best, the whole structure has to work together. We at All in One Exterior in Edmonton would like to help you know about the signs which reveal that your house needs a new siding.

Rot or mold

If you notice mold or rot anywhere on your side of your home, it means there is something wrong with the sidings. In order to find it, you will need a material such as wood and water to get together for some time. If the siding is allowing that much dampness inside, you should get it replaced instantly.

Rise in utility bills

There can surely be a number of reasons for the rise in your utility bills. If nothing about your habits or anything inside the home has changed, but your bills are on the rise, then make sure you check the sidings of your house. Bad sidings can make the temperatures in the house extremely cold and hot to manage, thereby making the heating and cooling system work harder to get desired results.

Stains of water

A subtle sign to know if there is something wrong with home siding is that if you see water stains on the sides of your house. A major reason to keep your siding in proper and good condition is that it helps to route water away from the house. If water hangs around your home for a long time to create a stain, it means there is something wrong with the manner in which it is being channeled.

Warped, irregular or bent panels

Panels which are straight and properly spaced look perfect. But they also should perform their functions. If you notice warping of the panels, the wood below gets open to the elements.

Nail issues

A lot of the force which keeps the siding bonded to your house comes from the nails which attach it to the walls. If you see the nails getting loose, coming out or damaged, even the most exclusive siding panels will fail to render proper protection to your house. If you see any missing or rusty nails, you should immediately get the siding examined by siding Edmonton contractors.

At All in One Exterior we offer a wide range of siding in a variety of colors and finishes to match your style and need. If you need a free estimate or consultation about your siding, then come to us today and get a stress-free renovation for your house. We have been working in this field for a long time and are one of the best choices for siding Edmonton.

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