Some Good Reasons for Getting Crawl Space Encapsulation Service

Many homeowners are reluctant to have their homes encapsulated due to the initial cost. While it can be costly to install encapsulating systems in your home, many insurance providers will cover the cost of the house being converted to apartments or for personal property use. 

Homeowners may also be able to reduce the cost of their insurance premiums by installing the systems themselves. Some encapsulating contractors offer a free consultation before you hire them. Companies that provide this type of service can help with all the details, ensuring that the project will be completed quickly and within budget limits.

Reasons for Getting Your Crawl Space Encapsulated

Here are some reasons that make you think about this service.

Keep Home Healthy and Safe

When you have moisture in your crawl space, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. As crawl space is part of your home, air from this area enters into other spaces of your home. Thereby, spores of mold and mildew circulate in the living room. When you breathe these spores, then you may experience many health issues. You can avoid these health concerns by getting expert help.It’s time to find crawl space repair in Richmond.

Offer Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also a significant benefit of crawl space encapsulation. Moist air entering your home through a blocked or cracked drain line can contribute to energy loss, costing you money on your utilities. Using an air humidifier or sump pump to remove the humidity, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, lowering your heating and cooling costs. With the improved energy efficiency, you can avoid paying unnecessary energy bills and contribute to tax credits that help you offset your construction expenses.

Maintain structural Integrity

People opt for a crawl space encapsulation service because it lets them maintain the structural integrity of their homes. If you overlook moisture and mold issues in the crawl space, sooner or later, it will spread like wildfire and affect the top story and foundation of your home. This foundation damage leads to bowing walls and ultimate home collapse, especially when you don’t seek treatment.

How Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Work?

In the first step, contractors will inspect your space and find out the extent of the damage. If you have mold and mildew growth, they will first deal with this central issue and then proceed with the proper encapsulation process. They resolve moisture issues and deal with pest formation. 

They seal holes and vents with spray foam insulation.

To prevent future water damage, they go with vapor barriers. These are a cheap and effective way to protect your foundation from moisture damage, but they require professional installation. Other times contractors think of installing a Waterproof Membrane. If your crawl space is leaking, a non-porous waterproof membrane can also be applied to the house’s interior and then sealed around the foundation. In the last step, they install a dehumidifier. You always need expert help and guidance to properly waterproof your crawl space and prevent water damage in the future.

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