Some Reasons You Should Choose True Wireless 

“Get rid of wires to step into a completely new way of life” is the new anthem for all wireless headphones. The wireless revolution has taken the headphone market by storm, but the real magic will never happen if you don’t try the truly wireless headphones. Well, we’re not giving you one or two, but six good reasons why you should switch to earbuds wireless. Let us get started without further delay. It lets you listen to music without having a wire around your neck. There are several wired headphone manufacturers that claim they offer tangle-free wires. But those wires get tangled very often as well. This is the main reason why people started looking for other options. But you will be able to avoid this condition all of the sudden with the help of truly wireless earbuds. The minimalist design ensures that it goes with whatever you wear. You can move around with it without ever-tangling wires/bits sticking out. Some headphones like Bragi The Dash Pro will also act as your swimming companion, so you’ll never have to leave the pool with a cord that gets uncomfortably tangled in your hair or around you (we won’t describe how difficult it is to untangle them).

Whether you prefer to run or sit in an intricate yoga pose, these headphones stay comfortable and keep you focused on what you are doing. You can even wear them in a formal setting or when traveling.

Easy to transport  

Suppose you are in a hurry and run out of your home with all the essentials you need. And when you need your headphone in order to avoid the distractions of the outside world, you would find the headphone in your bag and start taking them out. Once you start doing it, you see that a bunch of other stuff come out of the bag that is tangled by the wire of your headphone/earphone. You can simply think of the embarrassment at that time. But you would be able to avoid this situation altogether with the help of truly wireless earbuds. A good number of them come with charging/tote bags. So you can slide them in the suitcase and carry them around. (You don’t even have to worry about running out of batteries

Cutting edge technology

Every tiny earbud is packed with unique and reliable technology. Yes, we are talking about active noise cancellation, audio transparency, water resistance, switching from stereo to mono, and a lot more. Many headphones are made for athletes and can be connected to various fitness applications or to monitor heartbeat and calories, distance traveled, etc.

Some myth-breakers 

Few people unfamiliar with truly wireless technology feel like it is inferior to other earbuds wireless. How can you pack all of these functions into such small headphones? We are going to present some facts in order to make things even clearer to you.

Myth 1: I need a headset with a microphone and remote control. If I get a really wireless headset, I will lose the calling function. If you are thinking the same way, you should know that all those functions can be performed using truly wireless earbuds as well. For example, Bragi The Headphone can not only answer/receive calls, you can also play/pause, switch between tracks, change the volume and even use Google Assistant or SIRI. It also features Knowles® digital MEMS microphones for better call quality.

Myth 2: But … because it’s wireless, it can affect the sound. Wireless, depends on many factors such as drivers, cables, Bluetooth capabilities, earbuds, and a lot more. Of course, nothing beats wired headphones. But that is not the case with newer Bluetooth and aptX technologies, brands are trying to bring you CD-quality audio in wireless headphones too.

These are the Honor Choice True Wireless Stereo Headphones. There is absolutely no scarcity of options once you have made your mind to buy one of these. It’s a bit of branding chaos, but the headphones themselves are great, you should know it before talking about the price.

Let’s take a look at the specs first. Honor Choice TWS earphones come in a simple charging case that uses USB-C for charging. It comes with a 500mAh battery capacity that brings 18 hours of music playback to the earphones 6 hours of listening time and up to 4 hours of backup while you are on a call. After the test, we found that the battery life was exactly what Honor says.

Let us throw some light on latency and connection strength. The Honor Choice TWS Earbuds have an incredibly strong signal. We made it a little over 15 meters from the connected phone in an enclosed space with columns and furniture. The signal strength was considerable throughout the test. We didn’t notice any latency issues. Thanks to Bluetooth 5, Honor providers have reduced the latency to as liatle as 130 ms. All we can say is that we didn’t notice any lag between the phone and the headphones.

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