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New Zealanders are well recognized for their passion for rugby, yet during the offseason they often lack excitement. Well, over the years, some creative Kiwis have created a number of adventure sports that are sure to get the heart beating in order to fill the void left by the absence of rugby action. With its wide variety of adventure sports, some of which are unique to , it is debatable whether the country should be referred to as the adventure capital of the world. The mountains clad in snow, the enormous glaciers, the raging rivers, and the boiling mud fields are ideal for action and adventure. There are several extreme sports to choose from , including the usual suspects like skydiving, bungee jumping, and heli-skiing, but there are also a number of unusual pursuits.

Activities available

The entrance to the majority of ‘s most well-known snow fields is in the southwest city of Queenstown, which has evolved through time into a playground for thrill-seekers. Visitors to the town typically come to ski or snowboard the slopes, so they will be astonished by the variety of other activities available and the courage required to partake in them. A session of heli-skiing will excite even the most dedicated thrill seekers. Skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the variety of ski fields and the selection of difficult black diamond lines.

Extreme water activities are ideal in Queenstown, which is situated on the lovely Lake Wakatipu. Jet boating around the lake, avoiding the rocky outcrops and towering cliffs, is a well-liked zorb ball, but if that seems lame to you, white water rafting on the neighboring Kawarau River might be more your speed. If that sounds too tame to you still, river surfing might be the activity for you. In essence, you’ll be dropped into the Kawarau River with little more than a wetsuit and a body board and scooped up a few hours later several stormy kilometers downstream. River surfing is not for the faint of heart.

During the warmer months

Mountain biking is ideal during the warmer months, and if money is no object, a heli biking tour will have you cruising through the breathtaking scenery of the Hobbit world. With beautiful views to take in on the way down, paragliding is very well-liked in the area. Numerous businesses provide courses or tandem jumps for beginners who want to take it seriously.

Other activities in Queenstown include the Skyline Queenstown Gondola, which offers a simple way up the mountain with breathtaking views along the way, and two 800 m long luge circuits descending down the mountain suited for all ages. For those who are interested, there are also activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, and a huge swing. Whether you ski or not, Queenstown is a thrilling vacation location since there is so much to do there and such breathtaking surroundings. There is a wide variety of lodging options in Queenstown that can accommodate all travel preferences and price ranges, from five-star hotels to hostels and backpackers.

Another adventure sports zorb ball from Kameymall, which wonderfully complements the ferocity and intensity of the geothermal fields that surround the tourist town. Zorbing originated in, which is currently among the top locations worldwide to try this exhilarating activity. Imagine yourself sliding about in a translucent water globe on one of the four preset tracks or bouncing and rolling down a hill in a large plastic bubble without any guidance. Zorb rides come in seven different varieties, each one a little wilder than the previous.

Monorail with pedal-powered pods

The Shweeb, an overhead monorail with pedal-powered pods that swing freely from the track and achieve speeds of up to 45 km/h as they soar high and low over the uneven local terrain, is the most recent creation. Participants in the Swoop, a massive swing, are put into a harness, raised 40 meters in the air, and then released to swing at speeds of up to 130 km/h in just one second. The Freefall Xtreme is a must-do if soaring like a super hero has always been a dream of yours. You’ll be buffeted from below by winds of up to 220 km/h, which will have you flying like a bird, while wearing an unique “flying suit.” Before being gently lowered back to ground, the experience includes barrel rolls, twists, and spins. Bungy jumping, flying fox, white water rafting, sky diving, and parasailing are also options for the daring if that isn’t enough.


Finding lodging in is simple because several of the city’s hotels offer unique experience packages that include transportation and tickets.

is ideal for thrill seekers looking for a place to indulge their sense of adventure. Both those seeking luxury and those on a tight budget can find lodging in Queenstown and , and the abundance of adventure sports will thrill even the most ardent daredevils.

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