Steps For Designing an Impactful Logo For Your Product

When creating your logo, you not only want people to notice your brand and goods, but you also want it to look great and create a lasting impression.

Steps to Making an Eye-Catching Logo

Think about big companies such as Nike. Although their swoosh logo isn’t that complex, the narrative built around the logo has made it one of the most iconic logos of all time. Remember that a logo need not be fancy or intricate to be memorable.

We generally remember big companies because they have memorable advertisements. They have the money to invest in expensive promotional campaigns that reach all media channels.

However, if you don’t have that much money, don’t be discouraged. Your logo is the most basic branding element that is the foundation of your brand identity. Again, it is not impossible to have a simple AND effective logo.

Follow these simple steps for an appealing logo that will make your product stand out.

1. Invest in a professional logo design.

Spending money to create an eye-catching logo will pay off many times over. Polished branding creates more legitimacy, and more people will be attracted to look into your brand and business and purchase your products. Investing in a good logo design may help you avoid the agony of wasting time and more money in an attempt to make a cheap logo seem professional.

2. Get the colors right and decide on your branded color pallete.

One can argue that a black and white logo can look uninteresting. In some cases, especially for more serious markets, this is fine. On the other hand, experimenting with color creates more visual interest, and color associations help convey feelings and thoughts more effectively.

Making your logo colorful doesn’t necessitate covering the entire packaging with fluorescent hues. That might only lead to further confusing the customer. However, strategic color placements in your artistic design will do wonders at conveying your brand message and solidifying your brand identity.

3. Design a logo that represents your business.

If you run a clothing business, designing a logo with a cat’s picture on it may not make any sense to the buyers. Unless you are able to weave a powerful brand story and truly have your logo stand out with an interesting rendering, unrelated logos can be hard to build associations from.

It would be best if you had graphics that people could directly associate with your company. If your company is named after a place famous for rhinos, for instance, you might consider including a picture of a rhino in your logo. When you get it printed on your Custom notepads, the viewer should be able to recall your business by just having a look on it.

4. Use an appealing typeface.

Font types are something that companies may not think of initially. Simple, straight letters are not always as attractive as loopy or cursive letters. Your choice of typeface must always coincide with your brand identity.

Sometimes, sans serif fonts will convey the right atmosphere for your branding. On the other hand, if your business is all about legitimacy and heritage, having comical fonts won’t help further your brand image.

Since you aim to get the attention of your market, the best advice here is to make your logo as distinct and different from similar products’ logos as possible.

5. Use words that match and support the graphics.

Incorporating text into your design is a great idea. However, if your choice of words is not related to the graphics, the logo will appear fragmented. Take your time to work on the logo and work closely with a team of professionals for the best results.

6. Consider a 3D logo.

A flat logo may work most of the time. However, creating your logo in 3D can give it a more nuanced appearance. It is undoubtedly interesting, unconventional, and can draw people’s attention since your logo will look like it is jumping off of the printed surface.

As you get down to designing your logo, keep the six tips outlined above in mind. We hope this post was helpful! Best of luck with your branding journey.

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