Steps to Do Before You Turn On Your Air Conditioning System

While we enjoy the cool air blown by our air conditioner, we all know that it can be susceptible to failure as it works. The summer can be harsh, and the frequent heatwave can cause too much stress to your A/C, especially when it lacks proper A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK. Your system will work at its best when it is ready for the season—so everything starts with good preparation.

Here are the steps you can follow before you run your A/C for the first time:

Check the Thermostat

With the change of the season, your thermostat’s settings should also be changed. Recalibrate your thermostat and set the temperature right. Don’t forget to check its condition, as well. Clean it and change the battery.

If it’s outdated or old, replace it with a new programmable thermostat.

Replace the Air Filter

Give your air conditioner a fresh start in the summer by replacing its air filter. If you let your system run with a dirty filter, all the contaminants and allergens can freely roam around your home’s surface.

The filter won’t be able to trap them effectively due to excessive clogging. So make sure you do this A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK at least once every three months or whenever necessary.

Check the Refrigerant Lines

Make sure the A/C’s refrigerant lines are properly insulated to avoid leakage. With proper insulation, your system can operate efficiently, and your safety is not at risk. Call the experts to insulate or repair the refrigerant line.

Check the Ductwork

When doing A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK, most homeowners only focus on the system itself. They often forgot their ductwork, which also needs inspection and service. Check the duct system for possible damages that can leak out conditioned air. When a portion of the air leaks through cracks, gaps, and holes, your energy bills will increase. This is something you never wish to happen, so have a regular duct inspection at least once a year.

Inspect the Air Vents

Before you run your A/C, ensure all the air’s passageways, including vents, are free from any obstruction. Remove the items, such as furniture, drapes, toys, or even rugs. Make this a part of the A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK.

Check the Outdoor Condenser Unit

Leaves, vines, and other objects can block the system’s interior parts and impede its operation. Obstructions often lead to strain and increased utility costs. Before you run your air conditioner, make sure you remove any obstruction to allow efficient operation and performance.

Check the Outdoor Electrical Components

When doing this A/C maintenance service in Tulsa, OK, make sure your system is turned off to avoid electrocutions. Check the outdoor component’s wiring and connections. They can become wear or damaged in any way. It’s best to bring in a professional technician to do the inspection and repair.

Replace Your Equipment

Before the harsh weather condition comes, you need to make sure your system is ready for the challenge. Part of ensuring your home’s comfort for the new season is understanding when to replace your old A/C. Your local contractor can help you determine if you need a new unit or keep the old one.

Your home deserves cool, fresh, and clean air when your A/C starts to kick in. So be sure to follow these simple maintenance tasks before turning on your system. Don’t forget to ask for assistance from the experts who know your A/C best.

Quality A/C Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

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