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Streamlining Your Current Recruitment Process

When you hire new employees, do you know what process you follow and why? Have you ever evaluated the recruitment process and its effectiveness? Getting the right talent for new positions and ensuring that the whole recruitment process is as smooth and simple as possible should be one of your main priorities moving forwards. So, to streamline the process, what do you need to start focusing on?

What Employees Do You Need and Why?

You need to establish the roles that you need to fill, and you need to ascertain why. Once you have established who you need, and why then you can begin advertising positions. It is counterproductive to advertise positions to those candidates that you might not want, let alone need. So, do you need full-time staff for new tech roles you are creating, or would you be better outsourcing this particular job role to another company? Do you need a full HR team right now, or will it grow over time? Just what vacancies are you going to be creating both now and in the future? Think about this and more.

Look at the Current Process and Evaluate What Is Currently Happening

After you have established what positions you need to create and fill, you then need to work your way through and evaluate the current process you use. You cannot streamline what you are doing if you are not aware of what is happening, when, and where. So, when and where are positions being advertised? Are you using HR to their maximum potential, or are you relying on other professionals?

Have a Timeline in Place for the Whole Process

You should aim to process recruits or applications within at least one week and no more than two. When you set timelines, you can then ensure that the process is carried out promptly. Timescales are crucial for any hiring that you undertake and are especially crucial when it comes to focusing your efforts on high volume hiring simply because you need to be aware of what is happening and by when. If no timescales or timelines are in place for the recruitment process, then you may well end up wasting resources.

What is Currently Effective and where is there Room for Investment

Of course, when you look at your current recruitment process, not every area will require improvement. Some areas may be effective, but they may just require further investment. Where there is potential and room for improvement, you need to ensure that you explore this avenue before eradicating the process that you are currently undertaking.

Quality is a Top Priority

No matter how you decide to approach your recruitment process moving forwards, you have to ensure that quality is always a top priority. If you are just focusing on cost-cutting and saving time, then you will struggle to get the quality candidates and recruits that you need. Achieving and then subsequently maintaining a balance will ensure that you do not have to compromise on quality at any stage of the recruitment process, no matter how small or large your recruitment process ends up being.

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