Tacoma Molle Panel Review : I Bought Some & I’m Very Happy!

Since I’ve had my Tacoma, I’ve always tried my best to get the utmost out of what it offers, so I’m always out on the trail or down at the coast perfecting my surfing skills. The trouble is that I travel heavy, as I’ve usually got one of my friends coming along for the ride, so I found it hard to fit everything in the back – until I bought a Tacoma molle panel or two.

So, here’s the backstory.

When I’m out and about, I’m often gone for weeks at a time, so I’ve usually got several sets of clothes, my rooftop tent, all my cooking gear and this list goes on and on. While I was able to strap most of my gear down, I only had so many tying points, so I often found my stuff moving around in the back which sometimes led to breakages and damage to my truck.

One day, my GPS beacon came loose and it was bashed about in the back on my latest trip to the coast. Wouldn’t you know, it got damaged and I was not happy, as it’s a lifesaver when I’m out on the beaten track. It’s then that one of my co-travellers mentioned that a Tacoma molle panel could be the answer to my problem.

So, I did a little research.

Ok, so I found a site that offered them and it was pretty easy to find the product that suited me and my needs best. I bought four in total, to cover both sides of my truck bed and they arrived through the mail just a couple of days later. I’m quite a handy person, so I was able to install them myself – which was pretty easy, to be honest – and so I was ready to go soon after.

I also chose to buy a bunch of straps, pouches and fist grips, as I knew that I had lots of oddly-sized things to store. It was once I’d attached these that I realised what a great purchase I’d made, as finding places for all those things I needed suddenly became very easy.

My new Tacoma molle panel products were a godsend and I was quickly able to store absolutely everything away and guess what…I then knew where everything was, as everything had a place! It might not seem like something to get overly excited about to some, but to me, it meant everything, as it enhanced my favourite hobby, making everything much easier to organise.

Having Troubles Like Me? You Know What to Do!

I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of Toyota owners out there who are having the same storage issues with their Tacoma that I did and to those people I encourage them to do the same and invest in a Tacoma molle panel or five! It’s a move I made and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

It’s a simple solution, but it changed everything.

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