Take A Look At Some Of The Most Common Plumbing Problems In Sydney

Residential properties in Sydney cannot escape the inevitable problems that the plumbing systems and pipes can cause. DIY fixing can be an option but is it worth it? Properties can face some of the worst incidents regarding the pipelines that escalate into further problems like a blocked drain or clogged pipes. This is because there are certain limits to what a house owner or even an average individual can take up or solve regarding water pipes and other systems that run throughout the house.

What a professional plumber in Sydney has to offer can take up those complex problems and be done with them in a jiffy. Understandable because professional plumbing services are in high demand in Australia and are expected to rise in the following years. The rise of buildings and new urbanisation sectors growing across the country has contributed to this rise. As of 2020, Australian plumbing services have peaked around a market value of about 18 billion dollars.

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With the basic facts established, take a look at some of the most common problems that require the service of a professional plumber in Sydney.

  1. Lack Of Water Pressure: The force with which water jets through the showers in the morning or the sink during washing comes as a result of pressure. Without pressure, water wouldn’t have the same force and would be rendered useless for basic amenities. Reduced pressure can often be a sign of clogged pipes and can creep into other systems and create inefficiencies if not addressed by a professional.
  2. Pipe Leaks: People can often find leaks in the sink or other pipelines throughout the house at least a few times a year. The issue with leaking is that it seems harmless at first but, if not fixed soon, can get worse the longer it is left unfixed. And it’s known what leaks can do to building foundations or walls if left unchecked. Mould growth, damage to the materials and distortion of the walls are but a few.
  3. Blockage: Another common issue when it comes to plumbing is the blocked pipes and drains. Water can overflow, get collected in nearby spaces, and lead to unhygienic stagnation that attracts pests and rodents. Jewellery and toys are the everyday objects that lead to blockage, followed by diapers or towels. Kitchen products such as greater can solidify in the pipelines and obstruct the flow of water. Many sanitary products are also thrown into the sinks knowingly or unintentionally or even flushed down the toilets. Tangled clumps of hair are another cause for concern, and they are very hard to remove once a clump is formed and tangled with the openings in pipes. Roots of trees or large plants are also a cause but not as common considering other factors. Although not very dangerous, roots are firm and can penetrate pipes over time, causing them to burst. Planning the property’s layout by consulting with a professional plumber or advisor will be a good idea to prevent these in the future.
  4. Equipment Leakage: Professional plumbers are also technicians who can fix devices and equipment like water heaters or faucets if they get damaged and leak water. Fixing them will help alleviate the bills and save a lot of money from the homeowners perspective.
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