The 4 Main Classifications of Feed Chopper Machines Available in Kenya

This write-up analyzes in comparison the basic available feed choppers in the market. Hence, the focus lies on design criteria and the working principles with related pros and cons. Feed grinders are major explored for stalk forage. Hence, they are essential equipment that every aspiring farmer should consider owning.

The most critical design element is size. How small or large do you want it to appear? This comes from the farm sizes and their work output demands. Small size choppers are economically suitable for small-scaleĀ farms. Consequently, a large farm with high demands should go for large-scale feed choppers.

Power drive comes next. How is the feed chopper run? You will interact with either a diesel chopper, electric, or combined cutter machine.

The method of operation is a key determinant for time management. Here, you will find either a manual or automatic feed cutter machine.

Lastly, the cutting mechanism employed is very significant to the efficiency of the machine. It dictates the time spent and the final product/purpose of the machine. Cylindrical and flywheel cutting are the most available designs in Kenya.

These form the basic purchase tips for any chopper equipment. Therefore, it should form your thesis for argument while requesting feed chopper machine price in Kenya. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing the wrong equipment and lose your money.

Diesel/Petrol feed choppers

This is a heavy-duty machine. It runs on a diesel fuel engine and adapts to a range of farm applications such as chopping straws, fresh hay, and straws. Some of the related pros include high-performance speed, robust frame, compact design, and multipurpose equipment.

However, the shoot in fuel cost charges in recent makes it costlier to run on large farms. Besides, they are noise and air polluting hence uncomfortable for residential areas.

Electric feed choppers

They employ the use of electric current to run motors that guide the cutting blades. Most designs run on single-phase supply, hence an average of 240V supply. Unlike diesel choppers, they are significant for light-duty tasks such as in poultry farms.

Besides, they apply best for stationary work duties. This forms the major limitations of this equipment. However, they are less costly in running (current drop down on electric charges worldwide). Besides, electric motors run at low noise levels hence adaptable to residential areas.

Combined chopper machines

Every buyer while seeking silage chopper machine price in Kenya always considers it the priority. It combines both the advantages of diesel/petrol and electric machines. An engine applies to drive the motor that connects to the cutting elements.

Manual feed choppers

Its operation relies on human effort to feed the stock into the cutting unit. This is time engaging and hence only suitable for small-scale farmers.

Automatic choppers

This is an advanced form of manual machine. It has a special belt system with a unique roller mechanism that guides the forage into the cutter. The cutting length varies depending on the required sizes. This design makes it adaptable to many applications hence widely considered for large-scale farming.


Feed choppers are very significant for your stock’s diet. Besides, they are labor efficient and workable for any farm size. The type you wish to go for relies on your desired work plan. They range from size, power, and operation. All you need is the right concept for your work layout into making the right choice on purchase.


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