The Best CBD Products for Your Zodiac Sign

Horoscopes and CBD products—can you imagine a better matched pair? It’s likely that you’re familiar with horoscopes. According to The Circle, a horoscope is “an astrological chart with a calculation based on birth data, including the date, time and place of birth.” When it comes to checking your horoscope (which can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis), you typically refer to your Sun sign, such as the Aquarius sign, which also establishes your Zodiac personality.

It’s also likely that you’ve heard of CBD products. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural remedy that has become widely popular for its health benefits. These benefits include help with anxiety and depression, pain relief and management, helping to treat skin conditions, and promoting better sleep. Plus, CBD, unlike THC, is legal in all states, so you can enjoy the relaxation without worrying about consequences.

If you do decide to use CBD oil or hemp oil for medicinal purposes, always be sure to seek medical advice first! Professionals with certification can give you a full summary of how CBD benefits can affect your health. They can also give you information about recommended dosage.

Looking for a fun way to pick out a new CBD product to try? Try pairing it with your zodiac sign! We’ve pulled an extensive list that holds a variety of CBD products from CBD Nerds (a CBD review site that has reviews on every incredible CBD company you could ever dream of) that goes hand-in-hand with your horoscope.

Air Signs

As an Aquarius, you like to take it slow. You’re always looking at the big picture, and sometimes that requires a more in-depth look. By using Ananda CBD Oil, you’ll be able to take your time to digest all the information you need.

Geminis recognize the importance of adapting. It pays to be flexible, especially when it comes to having an open mind. Take CBD Gummies from Calm by Wellness to stay open to different perspectives.

Libras are leaders, baby! You have a full plate, so it’s essential you have the right energy to keep you moving. Start your day with CBD Concentrates by Dixie Botanicals to get off on the right foot.

Fire Signs

We see you, you Aries hothead. It’s time for you to cool off before your spark completely runs out. Take a moment to breathe and enjoy a CBD Bath Bomb by Go Green Hemp.

The loyalty of a Leo is admirable. You’re loyal to your friends, your work and, most importantly, to yourself. Keep putting yourself first by treating yourself with taking CBD Capsules by FOCL.

As a Sagittarius, you’re especially hip to the mantra “live and let live.” We’re here to remind you that you deserve to live easy, so enjoy a few Hawaiian Choice Fruit Jellies from Hawaiian Choice to do so.

Earth Signs

As a Taurus, you’re a hard worker, your strength is incredible, and you love a good sense of stability. Want to focus on maintaining a good foundation? Take some CBD Oil from Hemp Healthy to stay balanced and healthy.

Not ones to hold a grudge, Capricorns recognize the importance in letting things go. Continue to let certain factors flow in and out of your life by taking CBD Oil Tinctures by Joy Organics.

It’s hard being perfect all of the time, but Virgos sure do make it look easy! You value meaningful routines, and a great way to upgrade your daily lifestyle is adding Kush Queen Topicals into your mix of wellness.

Water Signs

Cancers are able to bring your dreams to life with hard work ethic and brilliant manifestation. Keep riding the waves by mixing CBD Honey by Mana Botanics into your preferred hot beverage.

A little emotional, huh? We feel you, Scorpio. Your passion is completely valid, but work on allowing yourself to sit with your emotions before you respond rashly. Meditate on your emotions by adding some Organic Hemp Oils by Palmetto Harmony to your beverage.

Hey there, Pisces, your creativity speaks volume. It doesn’t take long for you to get out of a rut. Continue to explore your artist abilities by applying Hemp CBD Topical by Populum generously.


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