The best Easter non-candy basket fillers to use for your little ones

Would you like to change the treat you give your children during Easter to non-sugary substances? Are you concerned about how the children will make this transition? Then worry no more. Linguistics assignment experts are going to discuss ways in which you can successfully switch your Easter treat to a no-candy treat. The switch will not only benefit the kids’ health but also make the hunt more interesting. I have based my research on children aged one to three and come up with a list of possible switches to make.


Every child aged one to three loves drawing with crayons. So instead of using candy as basket fillers, try using crayons for a change. Use crayons shaped as bunnies to make them look interesting and eye-catching. You can find these crayons on the Etsy website by searching for bunny crayons. The crayons can also come in the shape of an egg. Bringing in the aspect of variety to spice up the treat

Sidewalk chalk

The best thing about the Easter holidays is that kids get to explore their environment. During treasure hunts, the kids will move around the compound, experiencing a taste of fresh air. To make the experience more exciting, provide them with chalk to decorate sidewalks. Place the chalks on a basket and give them as a treat to replace some candy. The decorating activity will not only be fun but also boost the kid’s creativity.

Mess-free supplies for art

Some children love art, but cleaning after their mess is never a delight for any parent. So for the artistic kids, you can try using art that does not create messes to replace their usual treat. You can try buying them flipbooks with drawing on them. Book shops also offer reusable books for kids with a dinosaur, vehicles, and even ocean creatures. You can get such books from Melissa and Doug.


Easter activities are mostly undertaken outdoors. So throwing in a pair of sunglasses would be a perfect idea. The glasses should provide shade for the children as they play outside and hunt for the Easter eggs. You can try the flower sunglasses by the Carter’s, they provide the perfect experience for your kid.


Many parents want Easter to be as educative as it is fun. And what better way to achieve this than to provide books for the children. Place at least a single book in your child’s basket. The books should have an Easter theme to make sure you are consistent with the holiday. You can try buying them The Itsy Bitsy Bunny books for such an occasion.

Bath Bombs

After having a lot of fun during the day, your kids will probably be exhausted during the night. Hence they will opt to shower, here is where your bath bomb plans take action. All you have to do is buy them a bath bomb and then insert a toy in the bath bomb. You can also use other bathroom related gifts, but I have found this gift to work quite well.


Easter holidays are a day of spreading merry to young ones and having fun together. But the candy part might not be all that healthy for the children. So instead, you can opt to use the replacements that we have discussed in this article.

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