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Full-fledge PDF editors have become an un-denying requirement to run any business successfully. Due to the compatibility and convenience of PDF format, it has become a priority for every field, whether it is a large corporate business, educational institute, or government agency. This article will discuss the best PDF editor, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

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Part 1: UPDF for Windows and Mac

UPDF is a powerful, fast, and convenient PDF editor which provides a complete solution for Windows and Mac users under one software. It allows users to work on PDF files in all directions, from editing to conversion, organization, and annotation. It even offers a solution for occasional PDF users, such as on-hand text editing or adding comments, and a premium professional solution, such as conversion using OCR.

1. Elegant and Effortless UI

UPDF offers a modern and user-friendly interface that allows users from all backgrounds to operate the software easily. Its easy-to-navigate process allows users to apply and operate different features on their important PDF documents. Furthermore, UPDF is always adding new updates to its free PDF editor to provide a manageable user experience.

2. Editing PDF like a Pro

Editing a PDF file is referred to as one of the frequently used features by individuals and corporates. Keeping that in mind, UPDF provides its user with an easy editing process in which users can manually edit any text, images, or links in a PDF file.

Users can add, delete and replace text, as well as alter the properties of text, such as the text’s alignment, color, style, size, and font. While working on the image, users can crop an image from the PDF file and extract or replace an image in a document. Besides, users can also add a new image to a PDF file by using this free PDF editor.

3. Fast and Accurate Conversion

Conversion of PDF documents into different formats is a feature that is a recurring requirement of almost all institutes. Being a complete PDF solution, the UPDF PDF editor offers an accurate and fast conversion of PDF documents into popular formats, allowing users to edit the file in the converted format easily. Following a simple step, users can convert PDF documents into Word, PowerPoint, CSV, PNG, and many other formats within seconds.

Besides this, it also offers the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, which allows users to convert scanned PDF documents into an editable and searchable format. Also, it offers the “Language Recognition” feature, which helps to accurately convert a scanned PDF of any language into an editable text file.

4. Annotate PDF Documents

UPDF has made annotation in a PDF a quick and easy process with its powerful and modern technology. Users can annotate PDF documents using the “Markup” feature with different tools available. UPDF allows users to add comments to a PDF file by using the “Sticky Notes” or “Text Box” option. Besides this, important paragraphs can be underlined, and users can highlight the text using “Highlighter,” which comes with different color options to select.

UPDF offers users to add shapes to their documents to enhance the PDF page content, such as by using an oval, circle, or rectangle shape. Users can also adjust the shape’s color, thickness, and border. This feature is especially useful for drawing graphs and charts in a PDF document.

5. Manage PDF Pages

Managing PDF documents is a hectic task, especially if you are working in banks or if you are working in a corporate business. For this very reason, the UPDF PDF editor allows users to manage the files seamlessly in a few minutes, where users can categorize PDF documents on the same subject in one folder. Also, UPDF allows users to add new pages to a PDF file along with the feature to delete pages.

The “Organize Pages” feature allows users to extract selective or multiple pages from a PDF file. Also, users can split pages from a PDF document into multiple files with the help of page numbers.

6. Password-Protect PDF Documents

As PDF format has become an extensively used format, the risk of manipulating data within PDF files has also peaked. To counter this, UPDF offers a security measure to password-protect PDF files so that the content within the PDF document remains safe. This best PDF editor can secure the PDF document with the “Open Password” feature, which ensures that the PDF document is only accessible to the authorized person.

To protect your PDF document from plagiarism and limit user interaction with PDF, users can apply a “Permission Password” to the PDF document, which restricts the viewer from editing, printing, or copying the content of the PDF document.

Final Words

As discussed in the article, UPDF offers a complete solution for Mac and Windows users as it is compatible with both operating systems. Besides this, the premium solution UPDF offers is unmatched as the edited PDF documents are highly secured using encrypted security. Switch today to UPDF’s best PDF editor and experience a high-end solution for your PDF document.

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