The Blood Of Music Runs His Veins: Josue Arteaga

The release of “Thanks for The Useless Chill Beats” hit was earth-shaking. It was a big win for Josue Arteaga. Some of the songs include;

  • Are You Ridin
  • The Come Up
  • Public Relations
  • It Is What It Is
  • Do You Love Me
  • Doge To The Moon
  • Futuro

You can also find these songs on Apple and Spotify.

About Josue Arteaga

Josue Arteaga is a company growth and serial entrepreneur expert as well as an artist. He specializes in promoting brand recognition and driving growth through digital platforms. He’s been featured in Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, New Theory Magazine, and many more publications. He’s also the author of “Onset: Entrepreneurship,” a best-selling book.

Why Josue Arteaga Chose Music As A Career

1. With Zeal

Josue’s interest in music began when he was in middle school. He was originally inspired by drums when he was in middle school. As a result of this motivation, Josue began to create rhythms and poems. He made lo-fi beats since he enjoyed listening to music while studying and working.

2. Music Is Beneficial To Your Health

Have you ever heard that music may help you feel better, lower stress and anxiety, boost memory, relieve pain, bring comfort, and boost cognition? That is correct. Music has the ability to be beneficial to your health and overall well-being.

3. Motivate the next generation

Josue wants to motivate the next generation, the millennials and generation z. His music allows these young individuals to securely explore their thoughts and feelings. Listeners can acquire coping methods and proper reactions to difficult situations by listening to his music. His music is also assisting others in forming social bonds and a sense of belonging.

Challenges Musicians Face

Josue’s journey through the music industry has been anything but easy. He’s got to face his demons head-on. Cold demo replies, royalties troubles, piracy, and competition are just a few of the obstacles that musicians confront. Josue, on the other hand, has conquered all of these obstacles by keeping calm, providing excellent service to his fans, and always seeking out new ways to improve his music.

Why Josue Is The Harmony & The Melody

Josue’s muse is music. His voice soars to heavenly heights that it can only be described as “angelic.” His lyrics are straightforward and easy to comprehend. His admirers are left wanting more when he plays his song.

He has one of the best singing voices in history. You will be moved by his lovely voice.

Want To Start Music?

Do you want to get into the music industry and build a name for yourself? It’s simple. Begin. Patience is a virtue to nurture, as is the ability to persevere. Allowing your enthusiasm to wane or drawing yourself into a comfort zone is a mistake. You may also learn from individuals who have previously achieved success in the profession. It will also assist if you practice a lot before publishing your article.

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