The Different Types of Fedora Hats

Today, you will find many people sporting a fedora hat. If you step out and search for people who are wearing a hat, chances are it’s a baseball cap or any type of a fedora hat.

For many people, the fedora hat is a stylish hat. Many consider it a timeless accessory that comes with its history. But not all fedora’s get constructed the same way. Here much of the crown height, shape and brim length comes to play. And if you wish to understand all these distinctions, you should be able to understand the hat for what it is.

What is the Fedora hat?

For most people today, the Fedora hat is a brimmed hat. There have been several variation present in the hat during the past decades. But typically, it is a medium-to-wide brim hat and has a structured, teardrop-shaped crown having a dent and gutter at the center.

The Fedora hat didn’t get used till 1890, when a play of the exact name got released. Here the female actress wore a wool felt hat, which generally gets worn by the middle- and lower-class men of that era. During that time, men didn’t look upon hats as a regular accessory. The affluent ones might have had several headwear depending on the occasion. The middle to lower class men used to sport the wool felt wider-brim hat if they had to.

It was only in the 1920s, that the hat gained a wider appeal. From those times, its connection with Hollywood movies and gangsters helped it to gain increased popularity. And with dress codes and social norms arriving in 1960s, fedora hats became an accessory, with the pop culture corners in 1980s and beyond that. And as the heritage menswear emerged, this hat stayed as a part of men’s accessory as well.

When it comes to the modern construct, the fedora hat is an unstructured and softer hat and has a crown that extends four to six inches upwards as well as two to four inch in brim. Instead of a round bowler, the fedora crown appears pinched. However, this aspect differs between the diamond formation and an outlined dent at the center.

Even though felt and wool fedora hat were the conventional types, you can also find straw and cotton fedoras available for you. And as a finishing touch, the usual fedora comes with a hatband around its crown, providing a contrast.

Here are a few types of fedoras for you:

1. Classic fedora hats

It is one style that has the best conventional combination. Today, most leading hat makers and manufacturers provide hats that are made of 100% high-end wool. It is easy to wear and you will find many people sporting this hat.

2. Straw fedora hats

Today, you can also find the fedora straw hats. People also love the hand-woven Panama straw hats and most people recommend it as well. Today, straw is considered a very common material as it is bright and comes with a feel-good sensation that fits well on any one’s head and provides a good breathability. There are several styles available along with a crack-resister liner which makes these hats durable. It is also comfortable to wear and helps you to adjust your hat as you want.

3. Safari fedora hats

Usually, the safari hats get referred as round pith helmet. And eventually, the wide-brim fedora styles were replacing this design, providing a huge amount of sun protection and comfort in the process. The safari fedora hats are quite similar to its straw counterparts. It also gets made from wool felt and panama straw and the design automatically bring to mind Indiana Jones. You generally notice the brim first and then the subtle band. However, these hats are a great fashion statement.

4. Pork pie fedora hats

The type of fedora hat is a favorite for many people owing to the smaller snap brim. During the 1990s, it became a raging fashion statement. It is usually because of the release of hit music videos, TV shows and movies, where the celebrities or characters got spotted in a pork pie hat.

5. Trilby fedora hats

Usually, the trilby fedora hats have its own category owing to its contemporary style. It is convenient for people who travel. It usually comes with a great pre-snap shape so that it’s easy to wear. You can also find these hats in multiple materials, like felt, straw and wool.

A fedora hat is stylish and is perfect to get used for any occasion. You can wear this for a business meeting and even for casual occasions. There is always a scope for you to experiment. It’s a signature hat style for men and is here to stay for a long time. You can browse online and check out the different options available online and choose the one that you like best.

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