The Fashion Mirrors of the world

The world is becoming obsessed with fashion more day by day. Every people want to follow the latest trends. Fashion is a very profound word with a vast field.

Fashion shows all over the world is representing new outlooks; themes from the people of every corner. These shows tell you the story of a generation, how they are thinking about the world. This essay tells you the story of the best fashion shows in the current world.

The New York Fashion Week: the best fashion show in the world takes place in the Capital of the world. New York fashion week is the biggest event in the fashion world. This fashion show takes place twice a year. The most prominent fashion houses represent their thoughts and artworks here. Every February and September, New York fashion week opens to the world. So the whole fashion world eagerly waits for this event.

The Paris Fashion week: French is the most glamourous nation in the world. Fashion and look is a regular part of this country. So Paris fashion week reflects the French thoughts regarding world fashion. Franc has the most famous fashion designers and fashion houses. The world is obsessed with French fashion trends.

London Fashion week: with the participation of more than 250 fashion houses and fashion designers, London Fashion Week has achieved one of the most aristocrat fashion weeks in the world. British fashion council is the main organizer of this show.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show: Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous fashion houses. This brand organizes the most attractive fashion show in the fashion world. Most glamourous models from all over the world take part in this fashion week. Victoria’s Secret shows realize like series in the larger cities of the world.

Qatar fashion week: Qatar is gradually becoming the hotspot of Asia. Qatar fashion week recently attracts the fashion lovers of the world. Gradually Qatar fashion week is becoming the most glamourous fashion week in the world.

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