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The Future of Growth: The Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2022

Nobody will tell you that any digital marketing agency Bangkok company can predict the future of digital marketing. Nevertheless, there are some digital marketing trends of 2022 you can implement in your business. Importantly, you can integrate different marketing campaigns to achieve better results. However, it would require someone with the expertise to determine the best strategy to combine.

Every marketer knows that their job is not easy as they have to rethink and readjust their tactics to suit the current trend. Trends change, and it’s hard to differentiate the digital marketing trend that will change your marketing game. However, keeping yourself abreast of the top digital marketing trends of 2022 is not an option if you run an online business.

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends Of 2022

Keeping up with the constantly changing trends in digital marketing might seem challenging. However, any business owner needs to align their business with these trends. As people continue to work from home, many businesses using social media have increased.

Although digital marketers are taking advantage of the opportunity, small businesses are looking for ways to adapt to consumer behavior changes. Therefore, with online education and eCommerce platforms booming, it’s essential to identify the top digital marketing trends of 2022.

More emphasis on video marketing

TikTok has changed everything about video marketing as a 30 seconds video can massively go viral and enable brands to reach a wider audience. The success of TikTok has made brands like Instagram start competing for video-relating features. Today, Instagram has introduced “Instagram reels,” which enable marketers to create unique short videos of their products and services.

However, the primary purpose of Instagram Reels is to generate more engagement that will bring about positive brand awareness. It’s never coincident that LinkedIn and Pinterest are investing heavily in video features as the trend will continue to grow, enabling brands to attract followers.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to avoid the mistake of just investing in video services because the trend is focusing on using storytelling to build relationships. In this situation, short-form videos are compelling and create a lasting connection with your followers or community.

Influencer Marketing

Although influencer marketing was a top trend in the previous year, it’s another trend that will make a wave in 2022. Whether you like it or not, influencer marketing is relevant in your digital marketing campaign. There are numerous ways to implement influences into your marketing strategies for any brand that understands influencer marketing.

Brands have several social media channels at their disposal. You can switch from YouTube, TikTok to Instagram. With the recent update from Instagram, you can use Instagram stories, regular posts, and Reels.

Besides this, you can use celebrities to create awareness and build your brand. However, you need to be careful when choosing an influencer for your brand because any negative news about them can affect your brand. Another aspect of influencer marketing strategy to leverage in 2022 is audience research. Nowadays, you have several tools to use to find the right influencer for your brand. For example, recording artists that need music marketing can hire an influencer to post their latest song and boost the amount of plays.

Increased activities of artificial intelligence

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence have resulted in a more intuitive reporting and automation of marketing tasks like increasing search engine optimization and monitoring site traffic. While most marketers focus on the previous achievements of artificial intelligence in marketing, there is less effort on how it can influence digital marketing.

With more exploration of the capabilities of artificial intelligence technology, we will see the move from automating campaigns and tasks to predicting actions customers might take. Artificial intelligence can analyze data quickly. Because of this, it can accommodate large data to analyze previous customer history and behavior while suggesting specific items or creating custom-made ads.

Using artificial intelligence to predict customers’ next action help marketers target them with the particular product or services they require. This form of targeting generates a higher conversion rate as you already understand the customers’ needs without overwhelming them with irrelevant items.

Strategic mobile marketing

A recent Google Consumer Insights report indicate that from November 2019 to January 2020, more than 70% of online purchase were made from smartphones. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the number increased dramatically. Nowadays, mobile marketing accounts for more traffic as most shoppers use their mobile devices to search for products before purchasing.

Therefore, one trend that will continue to thrive in 2022 is mobile marketing. Marketers can implement several mobile marketing strategies, including location-based marketing, social media marketing, proximity marketing, in-app marketing, and SMS marketing. Utilizing these different mobile marketing strategies can help increase your returns on investment and increase sales.

Niche Marketing

Lastly, for eCommerce brands and businesses, niche marketing is another top digital marketing trend of 2022 that shouldn’t be neglected. It involves focusing on a particular product or service to create a stronger connection with your customers or audience. Marketers can use niche marketing to pay attention to the needs of their customers and audience. One important benefit of niche marketing is positioning a brand as an expert in that field.

Niche marketing is a strategic digital marketing strategy with the potential to grow a business in a bigger market. Remarkably, small businesses can leverage niche marketing to become bigger brands. Positioning a business or brand as an expert enables the brand to charge higher prices because of its expertise in the industry. In addition, it makes the brand looks like an authority figure.


Whether you are starting your business or looking to upgrade your digital marketing strategies, keeping abreast of the latest trend is very important. While some of the digital marketing trends of 2022 might be easier for businesses to get started, in some cases, it’s crucial to identify what you intend to achieve when implementing these strategies. Now it’s time to use any of the aforementioned digital marketing trends in your business. It’s time to get ahead in the digital marketing game.

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