The Handy Video Creator for Small Sized Businesses

No business owner can ignore video content now that it makes up 80% of all internet traffic. Furthermore, 4 times as many people want to watch video content. Therefore, you’re more likely to engage with potential customers if you provide them with video images and photos. Nevertheless, budgets are getting tighter, so you should consider using an online video creator. In fact, you can view more about one of the most popular platforms,, including what type of templates you can expect from them.

Advantages of Using a Video Creator for Small Sized Businesses

Low cost is a key feature of any online video maker. However, there are other defining points to note, as detailed below.

  • Professional output
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Build engagement and increase sales
  • Leverage the ‘how-to’ trends

Professional output

Quality is a big part of any online video. Whether this is your first video or not, you’ll soon appreciate the online software that does the hard work for you. Depending on what you’re trying to create, you can combine your own videos with ready-made templates. It’s actually very easy to include your content into most online video maker tools. You can then use the video editor to tidy everything up before you get ready for distribution.

Increase customer loyalty

Videos tell a more powerful story than words. This is especially if you create interesting content around a character that people can relate to. Perhaps you can make them feel like they belong to the family your business has created?

Furthermore, you can also add music when you make your video to create the right vibe that supports your message. You’re then more likely to build loyalty because people will be proud to be associated with your brand.

Build Engagement and Increase Sales

Again, making a video is a great way to engage with someone emotionally. Perhaps they share the same values as what you’re showing in your video? Alternatively, they could simply feel happy when watching your content. Whatever it is, engaged customers are more likely to buy more from your business.

Leverage the ‘How-To’ Trends

These days, an increasing amount of businesses are posting Explainer Videos or demos on their websites. Of course, you can also send these videos to your potential customers via various media platforms. Either way, it’s an engaging way to show just how great your product or service is. It’s also worth noting that this has increased sales for many businesses. These ‘how-to’ videos help people picture themselves actually using the product or service.

How to Choose an Online Video Creator for your Business

You’ll be glad to know that even if you’re a beginner, it’s very easy to use an online video maker. Simply open the platform and choose a template into which you can drag and drop any existing content. From there, you can do some video editing and add some music. You’re then ready to download your video into whatever distribution method you’ve chosen. Whilst most online video tools follow a similar process, it’s worth noting a few differentiating points as listed below:

  • Budget
  • Ease of use
  • Social media connection


All businesses are cost-conscious but this is especially true for small-sized ones. The great news is these online tools are either free or very reasonably priced. Your decision really comes down to how much customization you want to do or how many templates you want to access. Either way, you’ll often find that the free versions are more than good enough. 

Ease of Use and Customization

Unless you’re a professional video maker, you’ll clearly want to create content easily and quickly when you make a video. Most online video maker tools are very intuitive with simple drag and drop features. Their video editing capability also makes it easy for you to apply effects. These include, for example, slow-motion effects, animations as well as being able to add logos and text.

Social Media Connection

Of course, it’s not all about social media when you make a video but it should still be an important part of your distribution strategy. Some online video maker platforms make it very easy for you to download directly into, for example, Facebook or Instagram. Also, make sure you check what format you can download your video. Some formats are better suited for online platforms.

Final Recommendations on Using Video Creator for Small Businesses

Small businesses can truly benefit from the cost and ease of online video maker tools. Furthermore, you’ll make a video that looks professional and that can boost your sales much better than any amount of words can do. Simply make sure that you have an emotional content that can make your audience feel good about your product or service. Then you can let your video editor do the hard work before you download and distribute your custom-made video. It’s a great way to get your brand out there and boost your sales so don’t hesitate and get creating. 

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