The Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler

If you are a small farmer who is ready to leap doing all of your personal hay baling, the Ibex TX31 Mini round baler with a cord is the baler for you! In the long run, you could manipulate the high-quality of your hay through baling whilst the hay is at a pinnacle dietary price, as opposed to at the same time because the farmer down the road receives round it. This is the most low-value mechanical baler to be had available on the market and is suggested for clients baling as an lousy lot as 90 bales consistent with hour.

  • The Mini spherical baler is handy for scraping and baling grass and rice straw in minor farm grounds.
  • Binds and poultices grass and rice grass right into a compact, rolled bale of 50 cm in diameter and sixty-8 cm in width.
  • Catching is cast-off for binding, which abbreviates the compulsory time to 1 fifth of conservative twine-binding. (Established on the assessment of our merchandise.)
  • Rolled bales are shaped in a hollow in which the fabric is compacted and baled with the beneficial resource of 8 rotating rollers, which decreases the mechanical sound engendered at the same time as forming bales.
  • The let everything go of netting and clearing of rolled bales can be done absolutely routinely after baled are usual.
  • Those moreover may be carried out manually, so that you can carry out physically or automatically replying for your unique desires.
  • Baling pressure diploma can be adjusted to 20 top notch tiers, relying on the fabric which incorporates grass, rice stubble, or silage.
  • The tool-an awful lot format allows an easy change of shave fastens.
  • The crucial horsepower of tractors to attraction Mini Roll Baler is from 17 to 30. Prepared with a hydraulic bundle deal deal, it can be related to a small-sized tractor.

The Ibex TX31 products a baler that is 28 inches lengthy and 20 inches in diameter, building it clean to address via hand. A mean bale will weigh about 40 pounds, but this weight can be attuned with the baler’s density putting. Bales stack properly and compactly within the outbuilding in a honeycomb decoration, lowering the danger of the mountain fall over over.

The Ibex TX31 attaches to the tractor’s three-factor hitch which permits for stress-free maneuverability in body-hugging grounds and enclosures. Its slight weight, in assessment to square balers and big spherical balers, moreover lets in extra cozy procedure on slanted ground. Moreover, the small period way it may be without troubles is saved in the nook of the barn or shelter.

The Ibex TX31’s hydraulics are without a doubt self-contained, which means no messy hydraulic influences to address. It uses famous, a good deal less highly-priced baler cord, every plastic, and herbal fiber, and can be route with any tractor of 15 horsepower or greater. This baler is mass-produced in China underneath the vigilant eye of the Ibex tool and, at the right length and the correct price, permits greater clienteles to revenue governor of their hay production.

This package deal converts a TX31 Mini spherical baler from elegant pull-rope bale discharge to push button discharge. The wiring connects to the tractor’s battery and the manipulated area can be positioned close to the operator’s seat.

Every pre-assembled package consists of:

  • Push-button controller
  • Electromagnetic solenoid to permit hydraulic flow
  • All essential wiring and connectors
  • Alligator clips to hook up with 12V battery terminals

The entire running software is successive, accurate, and reliable.

  • A mini round baler can not unusual about 2 plenty bales in keeping with an hour or hundred-100 and twenty bales.
  • One laborer with an 18-horsepower tractor and a mini spherical baler can produce 900 bales, or sixteen hundreds, of baled pine straw in an 8-hour day.


Mini Round baler gives the convenience of an automated twine binding gadget. Alarms the operator the baler is prepared to wrap, at that time the operator in reality stops ahead motion and the baler starts off evolving wrapping the bale inner seconds.


The mini spherical hay baler produces a 22″diameter with the aid of 27″ prolonged bale from 30 to 60 lbs. Depending on hay moisture content material. Requires an 18HP-90HP Tractor.

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