The Manchester derby impressed

 The Manchester derby lived up to expectations yesterday with the game being thrilling from both ends with each team trying to get the first goal. Lots of gamblers would not have had bets on how the match would work out with Manchester City destroying the game in the end. Many non UK licensed casinos just like these sites seen a large rise in the number of football fans coming to them to place their bets on the entertaining match.

The game 

It would have been tough to be a Manchester United fan yesterday with their team being thrashed by fierce rivals Manchester City. The game finished in a 4-1 defeat and the United players seemed to have given up on the game when the scoreline went to 2-1. When Sancho got the equaliser to make it 1-1 the game could have gone either way, but City managed to get the upper hand and ended up dominating the game throughout the rest of the match. The second half saw City have near enough 100% possession with the fans cheering after every pass which was quite embarrassing for the United players and fans watching on.

Manchester City is now 6 points ahead at the top of the table with Liverpool hot on their heels, so this derby game was a huge turning point in the season for them looking to gain another title. After the game, the commentators such as Roy Keane vented their disappointment in Manchester United stating that the players should stop worrying about their hairstyles and trainer collections and instead actually play football with them playing so poor throughout the whole game.

Next up

The champions league is back this week so it will be interesting to see how Manchester United bounce back from this defeat with them surely needing to prove to the fans and the manager that they have learned from their defeat to Manchester City and will be looking to make up from their poor display at the weekend to prove to their fans and manager that they have got what it takes to improve on recent displays.

Manchester United are chasing a top-four finish in the premier league and if they continue with performances like the one at the weekend, they will be sure to miss out on a top-four finish with other teams around them now closing the gap towards the end of the season with some teams having games in hand as well which could prove to blow United out of a champions league spot.

You can now see why United need to improve with them lacking a team spirit around the club and within the dressing room.

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