The Most Disruptive Life Events and What to Do About Them

Although you might be hopeful that your life will pass by without a hitch, this is incredibly unlikely, and there will be times when you experience some disruption to your way of life and your daily routine. With this in mind, here are some of the most disruptive life events that you may experience and what you can do about them to ensure that they intrude on your life less.

1.   Moving House

Many people struggle to decide whether to move and instead opt to extend their home because moving house is often associated with stress. Not only are there endless documents and solicitors’ meetings to fill out and attend, but you have to pack up your entire life and move to a location you might not know very well. The number of steps that you need to take to move house successfully can be overwhelming, especially in conjunction with the emotional turmoil of moving. You may also need to make renovations to your new home, which can create additional disruption. This move can be even more overwhelming if your move goes wrong or if you find that you cannot move into your house straight away. Then, if you are already feeling sick at the prospect of moving house, you should research tips for a stress free move as these can ensure that you are able to have a positive experience when moving house.

2.   Relationship Break-Ups

Even if you believe that your life does not revolve around the romantic relationship that you are in, if your relationship deteriorates and ends, this can cause inevitable disruption to your life. For instance, you might have to move out of your home if you currently live together, or you might find that you suddenly have money worries. This is especially the case if you are divorcing or if you previously shared your finances. When your relationship breaks down, you should try and get support from your friends and family, take some time to process your emotions, and, if possible and if you feel comfortable doing so, keep open communication avenues between you and your ex.

3.   Losing a Job

Losing a job can leave you feeling bereft and can seriously knock your self-esteem. These issues would be problems in themselves, and yet, coupled with the financial concerns that you may have when you lose your job, getting fired or made redundant can be a truly disruptive experience. Considering this, if you have recently lost your job, you should speak to a career counselor who may be able to help you to plan and reassess your future options. This can then stop you from dwelling so much on the past. You might also decide to make an account on an online recruitment or job search website, and you should also look at your resume and ensure that it is up to date. By taking practical steps, you will be ensuring that you are able to get back on your feet in no time at all.

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