The most promising way to find rental apartments in major Indian cities:

People who have transferable jobs and students migrating to a new city for education prefer rental accommodations. Choosing houses for rent is way cheaper than renting a home as they are now costly in most cities. Economists feel that renting a home is a better option than owning it. According to them, housing is an overrated financial investment. It is not a wise idea to have so much of the wealth to get locked in a single asset. Also, when it comes to apartments, houses will not pay dividends. Though houses will accumulate in value, it is not a good idea to count on them.

Choosing a house for rent in Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad is also the Manchester of India. This is an Indian city and is a perfect amalgamation of rich history and culture. The city attracts students and professionals with its vast opportunities. People coming here stay at flats for rent in Ahmedabad. Buying and owning a house is a costly affair in the state, and it is thus a wise decision to rent apartments here.

Ahmedabad is a hub of excellent academic institutions, beautiful landscapes, and business tycoons. It is a perfect city for everyone and helps people lead a cleaner and greener life. But it is a costly city, and even the flats for rent in Ahmedabad are expensive, with rents ranging from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 25,000.

The rent depends on the area you choose to live in and the space of the apartment.

  • The average cost of 1 BHK flat for rent in Ahmedabad is Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 14,000 pm
  • The Average rent of 2 BHK rental apartments is between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 pm
  • The cost of 3 BHK rental flats is between Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 26,000.

The factor that determines the cost of rental flats in Ahmedabad are the following,

  • location of the apartment
  • Number of rooms in the facility
  • The space of the apartment
  • The comfort amenities it offers
  • the proximity of the apartment to major locations
  • Gated communities and townships with all comfort amenities cost more.

Some best areas to rent flats in Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad is the best Indian city that offers affordable luxury for the people.

It enjoys an expanding footprint of IT and corporate hubs. It is a great city that entails the old charm in a chic and contemporary atmosphere. Some of the top areas to look for flats for rent in Ahmedabad are as follows.

  1. West Ahmedabad Trio:

The west Ahmedabad Trio comprises Thaltej, Bodakdev, and Satellite. These are some of the best locations to find flats for rent in Ahmedabad. The areas offer the best connectivity for the rest of the city. They are also bustling with cafes, lounges, eateries, sports clubs, etc.

  1. SG Highway:

The Sarkehj- Gandhinagar is a major arterial road situated in West Ahmedabad. It connects the best areas in Ahmedabad. There has been a spurt in residential and commercial development along the SG highway.

  1. Ambli – Bopal:

These two areas are the fast-developing micro-markets in Ahmedabad. It is located along the SP ring road and is a major real estate hotspot. It offers affordable homes and is the best place to find flats for rent in Ahmedabad. They have the best public transport system and provide good connectivity with major hotspots in the city.

The best places to look for rental flats in Mumbai:

Mumbai is a paradise on Earth, and it welcomes people from all over the world and from all walks of life. It offers a lot of employment opportunities and is the financial capital of India. It is one of the best places to settle with families, owing to the availability of civic amenities and a strong public transport system. Some of the best places to live and find a flat in Mumbai for rent are as follows.

  1. Colaba- Cuffe Parade:

This is one of the best destinations to find a flat in Mumbai for rent. It is near major commercial hubs in Mumbai such as the World Trade Center, Maker Chambers, IT offices, etc. As there are many public and private offices, people wish to rent homes in this locality.

  1. Worli –Lower Parel:

This area is known for many famous industrial complexes and mills. This is a major commercial hub and the best location to hunt for flats in Mumbai for rent. It hosts several clubs, restaurants, upscale cafes, and gaming zones. But the rent in these areas could be very high and over Rs. 60,000 per month.

  1. Juhu:

This is an excellent suburb in the western part of Mumbai. This area overlooks the Arabian sea and is close to many seaside vicinities and IT hubs. This is a posh area and one of the high-end places to find a flat in Mumbai for rent. The average monthly rent in this area for a 2 BHK apartment is Rs. 77,000 pm.

This is a comprehensive list of the best places to seek flats in Mumbai for rent. You could look for better rental apartments in other areas through This website eliminates the need for brokers and offers a comprehensive list of the best rental homes in all major cities. You get the address, no of rooms, space, and the property’s rent right on the portal. So the next time you are in a new city and are confused about where to stay, search Your ideal apartment will only be a mouse click away.

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