The new Huawei FreeBuds 3i in the test

(We looked at the top in-ear headphones with noise canceling)

In September, Huawei presented a whole range of hardware innovations. The first novelty was the Watch GT 2, which we have already tested extensively. The FreeBuds will follow on Monday . We were also able to test the new top in-ear headphones in advance. We are recommending here Huawei freebuds 3i. You can get here huawei freebuds 3i price is very good. You can read how they fared in the following review.

First impression and pairing

  • With the FreeBuds Pro, Huawei is already bringing the second in-ears with active noise suppression onto the market within a short time. But while the Freebuds 3i were the entry-level version, now the top model. And this not only has the suffix “Pro” in common with Apple’s AirPods Pro, but also relies on a similar design. Visually, the FreeBuds Pro is quite classy.
  • The no-frills and reduced design comes into its own particularly well in the Silver Frost color, which we already know from the P40 Pro +. The workmanship and materials used are also on par with the US competitor. From the FreeBuds 3i they take over the concept with the silicone plug. The flexible silicone attachments, of which various sizes are included, ensure excellent isolation from the outside world, which is essential for good noise suppression (more on this later). In addition, the flexible attachment ensures a bomb-proof fit in the ear.
  • We really tried everything to inadvertently bring the in-ears out of our ears during the test. But these things really sit so well that they don’t fall out while sprinting, turning quickly or jumping on a trampoline. The coupling with the smartphone is also very easy. All those who have an up-to-date Huawei cell phone benefit even more here.
  • A P40 Pro was used in the test. All you have to do here is open the headphone case and the smartphone will automatically display the FreeBuds Pro. A push of a button is enough to pair the two devices. Otherwise, the coupling via Huawei’s AI Life app is also very easy. Positive: The FreeBuds Pro can be paired with two devices at the same time – for example with a notebook and a smartphone. If you listen to music on the notebook, the connection to the smartphone remains. In this case, when a call comes in on the smartphone, the headphones automatically switch to the mobile phone and the music.


Operation is largely carried out via the touch surfaces on the earphones by tapping or double-tapping. You can also accept incoming calls here. The volume can only be adjusted using the smartphone or the app. speaking of the app: The free application offers even more setting options. Here you can set the level of noise suppression, for example. In addition, useful information such as the charge level of the individual earphones and the charging case is displayed.

Noise cancellation

  • The FreeBuds 3i surprised us when it came to active noise cancellation. And the Pro version can do Active Noise Canceling (ANC) at least as well, if not a little better. Here, too, each earphone analyzes the noises separately via the integrated microphones and then generates waves in opposite directions, which largely keep the ambient noise outside. With constant noises (wind, engine noise, subway, etc.) you are almost completely isolated from the outside world. What is a real blessing when reading, working or chilling out, however, also harbors dangers. So you have to be particularly careful in traffic because you don’t hear anything of approaching cars or trams. You don’t have to completely deactivate the ANC function here.
  • By the way, it works very simply, by holding down the touch surface on the earphones for around three seconds. The deactivation is then confirmed with an “off”. Activation works the same way. Simply hold the earphones down a little longer and you will hear the message “Noise Canceling on”. That is really well solved. But Huawei has come up with something special – the “Awareness” mode but the ambient noise is passed through. So you can hear more of your surroundings.
  • This is probably the ideal solution for road traffic. The only situation that the FreeBuds Pro cannot cope with optimally are short, extremely loud noises. This is where the ANC gets a bit out of the Equilibrium: This has been and has also been noticed with competing products. Overall, however, the active noise cancellation in the FreeBuds Pro convinced us across the board. Even with high-priced over-ear headphones with large ear cups, the differences are limited – at least when the noise is even.

Sound and speakerphone

Of course, the sound is even more important than the noise suppression. And the FreeBuds Pro don’t disappoint on this point either. Huawei relies on the proven Kirin A1 chip, Bluetooth 5.2 connection and four sound modes. All in all, the in-ears are perfectly matched to the music styles that most people listen to. With Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Electro & Co. the FreeBuds pro really blossom. Here you can not only score points with the bass, which is played very precisely and with a slight pressure. Highs and mids also come across very well. In genres that are heavily instrumental (hard rock, classical, blues, etc.),

Battery and charging

When it comes to the battery, the Pro models really come up against the already very good FreeBuds 3i. With a full charge they lasted around six hours in the test without ANC (3i: 3.5 hours). With noise cancellation turned on, it was still a little over three hours. The charging case included in the scope of delivery is charged via USB-C and offers up to 30 hours of runtime with five additional charging cycles. The case is pleasantly compact and also has a harmonious shape. Unfortunately, it’s a little prone to scratches.

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