The Next Valorant Update is Sure to Uplift your Mood!

Passionate players love to upgrade their game, whether upgrading the skin of their weapons or getting a new player. When players upgrade the skin, they do it to feel good, but the result does not always seem positive. And this is when the players wish they could go back to the previous look.

This condition used to be a problem until now, but surprisingly, it’s going to change.  According to the new Valorant dataminer, ValorLeaks, you’ll be able to select the skin level you wish to equip, and that’s going to be the upgrade.

In a recent tweet, the makers claimed, ‘you will be able to select the skin level you wish to equip,’ as part of the new update. However, they shall enable this feature only for the weapons that are fully upgraded. Players initially faced difficulties upgrading the knife, which was hit amongst the pro players. Riot promised a solution by the end of the year 2021, and this coming-up upgrade seems to be a solution for the same.You Can Buy Valorant Game Latest Version From MYOWNRANK

What will patch 3.08 bring?

The latest upgrade will allow the players to ‘downgrade’ their weapon’s skin and use specific animations to attain the look they love. However, without all the animation upgrades, the player will not be able to equip different skin variants that alter the color.

On the other hand, while you downgrade the weapon’s skin, it won’t necessarily refund the Radianite. Precisely, patch 3.08 is set to be inaugurated on October 19, after Riot’s fortnightly update schedule.

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