The Simplest and Easiest Way to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Dragon Tiger online is known as an easy-to-play, easy-to-win betting game. Not only the gameplay is simple, but the odds of this game at the FUN88 homepage are also extremely diverse. To be able to win and collect huge amounts of money in this game, please follow the article below of Trang chủ FUN88

1.Dragon Tiger online is what game?

Dragon Tiger is a betting game that originated in Cambodia and is played in traditional casinos. Along with the development of society and the needs of participants, this game has moved to online play. With a simple and easy way to play, this game has quickly received a lot of love from bettors in Asia, including Vietnam.

Introduction to the game Dragon Tiger online

Dragon Tiger online game is based on predicting whether the dragon (dragon) or the tiger (tiger) has a higher value. Players bet on one of the two and wait to see the final result.

The standard deck used in the game consists of 8 decks of cards, each with 52 cards. The cards are dealt to the Dragon and the Tiger, each receiving one card. The player needs to place a bet before the card is opened. If the Dragon card has a higher value than the Tiger card, the player who bet on the Dragon will win and be paid according to a certain percentage. Similarly, if the Tiger’s card has a higher value than the Dragon’s card, the player who bet on the Tiger wins.

Dragon Tiger online at the house FUN88 often offers many versions and different variations to bring excitement to players. These games often have beautiful interfaces, realistic sounds and flexible betting systems.

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2.How to play Dragon Tiger online simple

Dragon Tiger online also has a very simple way to play and has become one of the favorite games of the betting world. However, not everyone knows how to play this game. Here is a detailed guide on how to play dragon tiger game at the house FUN88.

The most standard online guide to playing Dragon Tiger

2.1 Introducing the rules of playing dragon tiger online

Before you know the rules of the game, you need to pay attention to the terms in this game. Accordingly, the basic terms that need to be understood are:

Dragon: Bet on the Dragon, predicting that the Dragon’s card will have a higher value than the Tiger’s card.

Tiger: Bet on the Tiger, predicting that the Tiger’s card will have a higher value than the Dragon’s card.

Tie: Bet on the event that the two cards of the Dragon and the Tiger have the same value.

Ready bet (Sun/Sun): A bet before the game starts. Players can place bets on Dragon, Tiger or Tie.

Table: The game usually has many different tables. Players can choose the table according to the bet level and bet limit that suits them.

Dealer: This is the person who controls the bet and is also the dealer.

Once you have mastered the terms of the online Dragon Tiger game, you should pay attention to the rules of the game. When the Dealer deals 1 card for each Dragon and Tiger bet. Players will have a short time to place bets. Then, 2 cards of each side will be flipped up and the side with the higher score is the winner. If there is a tie then the tie bet will win.

2.2 The easiest way to bet

To place the best bet, players need to follow these steps:

Register an account at FUN88. Then choose any card to play at the Dragon Tiger game on the FUN88 homepage.

When choosing a table, choose bets such as tie bets, big bets, extremely small bets.

To bet standard Dragon Tiger, players enter the bet amount.

Next, the Dealer will deal one card for each Dragon and Tiger bet. When the card opens, the Dealer will not announce the result to the player and pay the prize if you win.

3.Experience winning in the game Dragon Tiger online

Knowing the rules of the game, bettors still need to know some of the experiences that experts share to increase the odds of winning. Here are some tips to play Dragon Tiger online:

Share the experience of playing Dragon Tiger online from the master

Understand the rules and scoring in the game Dragon Tiger. This will help you to make the correct betting decisions and seize the chances of winning.

Follow the history table for trend and denominator analysis. Some players believe that the outcome can be predicted based on the history of previous games.

Place bets that fit your budget and do not exceed them to avoid losing all your money.

In Dragon Tiger online, the payout for a Tie bet is usually higher than for a Dragon and Tiger bet. As a result, players can choose to bet on a Draw to reduce their risk and maximize their chances of winning.

Choose a table with a bet level that suits your budget and comfort level. If you’re new to the game, start with a low stake to get used to the game before leveling up.

Dragon Tiger has many different variations on online casino sites so read carefully to experience the interesting points.


Above are the sharing about how to play as well as the experience of participating in Dragon Tiger online. Hopefully with these shares will help you choose a reasonable way to play and win high 

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