The six brightest types of Blackjack players

Blackjack is a popular casino game for many players, bringing together various personalities at the tables. Get acquainted with the six most common types of Blackjack players. Of course, it’s no wonder if you see yourself in one of the player types. Not to be ashamed of, but maybe it can be useful as a good eye-opener.

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Most of these players at the casino table behave as if they were shown on TV. Solidly dressed, wears sunglasses, although the inside is dark and does not show any emotions. Posers can also be skilled players, but they are quite challenging to take seriously.

In general, it is easy to notice those for whom appearance is more important than having a good time. Very entertaining image, but too much action from him will be difficult to see. Also, posers quite amusing tend to react to unsuccessful losses.

Socializing dearly

On the other side of the scale are players who are more interested in socializing and making new friends than in the game itself. Some know what they are doing well, while others are not interested in the game itself.

It is nice to be at the same table with such players if you are interested in having a good time in a cordial atmosphere. At the same time, it will be annoying if you want to be lonely and quiet. Although, who is looking for the silence in a decent casino.

Statistician / Mathematician

The defining characteristics of such players are the lack of fun and entertainment when playing blackjack. For mathematicians and statisticians, this is a serious business, sometimes even a job. These are people who have the knowledge and skills to turn probabilities in their favor.

Counting cards is not one of the most straightforward tasks, which in principle does not leave time for conversations or smiles. They are so immersed that dealers and security guards have already learned to identify card counters by their manners. If you see someone who wins regularly but does not show any joy, they represent this club.

Excited newcomers

These people have not been to a casino before and are trying to deal with the first stress.

Trembling hands, agitated voice, and awkward flying chips every time you place a bet. Not to mention ignoring the rules and asking constant questions.

It is genuine enthusiasm and awkwardness that make being with such players at the same table especially exciting. It’s also an excellent opportunity to help and make suggestions because we’ve all been beginners. If you are annoyed by such players, you take yourself too seriously.


Here you end up in company with someone who doesn’t lose. They may not even know what they are doing or if this is their first time playing blackjack.

Either way, there is a feeling that they are winning every time. Even if the choices tend to be silly, they also incomprehensibly get in the right direction.

Watching such players can be exciting, inspiring, or even annoying simultaneously, depending on your personality. Either way, success will, sooner or later, inevitably come to an end.


No one wants to be at the same table with such players. Killjoy is mostly characterized by an inexhaustible desire to blame everything and everyone for their failures.

Every time they experience a loss, they are blamed for various circumstances: sudden disruptions, the game process as if by mistake, or even the dealer’s fault.

The saddest part of the process is that they show their poor understanding of the game. When you lose at the casino table, you lose 100% of your decisions. You have to put up with it and learn from your mistakes.

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