The Slots Multiplier and its function 

For anyone who might be wondering – slots are the top casino game for a reason. They have come a long way since the classic fruit machines with a few reels and some buttons. Modern slots are filled with perks such as free spins and bonus rounds that are sure to impress even those who have never played slots before.

One of the best features of modern slots is multipliers, which can give you some decent winnings and success in your gamble. In this article we explain all about the multiplier, its function and provide examples of the multiplier at work. 

It is all in the name 

When it comes to the slots multiplier, it is pretty straightforward – it multiplies your wins. There are many types of the multiplier feature that could increase your wins in the base game, or during the bonus round. 

What kind of multipliers are there? 

  • Standard base game multiplier will come with a scale at the top of the reels, which reads something like x1, x2, x5, x10 or similar. When you land a win, you will get a re-spin with the multiplier ascending the scale with every step along the way. If you win on the re-spin, you will enjoy the higher tier of multiplier and then re-spin again. The process goes on for as long as you win. An example of a game like that would be Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt, where the multiplier scale reads x1, x2, x3 and x5 in the base game.
  • Some games have a free spins bonus round, where the multiplier could be a scale just like in the previous type, or the whole bonus round could come under a certain multiplier, such as x2 or x3. An example of a game like that could be Bonanza by Big Time Gaming. The scatter in this game is a gold block. If you land 4 scatter symbols in the base game, they will read G-O-L-D in this order and you will enter the free spins bonus round.
    You will start the bonus round with a multiplier of x1. When you land a win, the multiplier will go up in value by 1. There is no limit to the multiplier here, so the multiplier will build as long as you’re winning.
  • A multiplier can sometimes be attached to the wild symbol in the game. If you manage to land a win that includes a wild symbol, your win will be multiplied most commonly by x2 or x3. 

How to know if the slot has multipliers? 

The multiplier scale at the top of the reels could be a clear sign that the game has multipliers. What is more, you could open the information tab in any slot and access the paytable, where the values of all the symbols are noted down as well as the presence of any game perks such as multipliers or wilds.

Multiplier is a fan-favourite feature and is used in a lot of modern slots. If this is the type of game you want to play, you won’t struggle to find the games you need. Here are some examples that we haven’t mentioned before: 

  • Scarface (NetEnt)
  • Tiger’s Claw (Betsoft)
  • Lil’ Devil (Big Time Gaming)
  • Danger High Voltage (Big Time Gaming)

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