The Tips for learning how to fold long sleeve shirts for men

Your closets or drawers may look like a bomb has hit them, so it might be time to redesign how you store your shirts. Whether your apartment has a terrible closet or if you share it with a roommate, hanging space may be a problem in your apartment.

For everyday use, it can be helpful to learn how to fold a long-sleeve shirt. Today, we will show you four methods to fold long-sleeved shirts for men. These can help keep your clothes clean and make your life simpler. Take a look at these tips for how to fold a long sleeve shirt.

How to fold a long-sleeve shirt with collars?

To prevent wrinkling and keep your collars clean, fold your dress shirts carefully.

  1. Next, button your shirt and place it on a flat surface with the front-facing down. Smoothen any wrinkles and folds.
  2. Fold one sleeve towards the shirt’s center, and fold the other. The sleeves should be flattened and cross in the middle of topportal your shirt.
  3. To cover the cuffs of your shirt, bring the bottom third up.
  4. Then fold the folded portion over again until it meets your shoulders.
  5. Now fold your shirt neatly. You can now fold your shirt neatly if you pack more than one shirt for travel. It will save space and prevent the collars from getting crushed.

How to fold a long-sleeve shirt without collars?

It is the simplest way to fold a shirt without a collar, such as a long-sleeve shirt for people who care about fashion.

  1. Place the shirt on a flat surface. Smoothen any wrinkles or folds.
  2. The sleeves should be folded in half vertically.
  3. Fold both sleeves vertically over the shirt’s body. The sleeves should extend beyond the edge of your shirt.
  4. The sleeves should be folded down parallel with the shirt’s body. The sleeves will be slightly angled at the top when you do this. At this point, your shirt will appear as a long rectangle.
  5. Fold the shirt in half or thirds, depending on how deep your drawers or shelves are.

How to fold a long-sleeve shirt using the KonMari method?

Marie Kondo, bless her heart, has made a name for herself, teaching us how to live in neater, more organized homes. She is an expert on folding a shirt, and this is the KonMari method of folding long-sleeved shirts.

  1. Place your shirt right side on a flat surface and smoothen out any folds.
  2. Imagine your shirt’s body divided vertically into three equal parts.
  3. One side of the shirt should be folded inwardly along with the lines so that the sleeves are at the top of each other.
  4. Fold the top-down sleeves on themselves so that they are parallel to the shirt’s body.
  5. Fold the sleeves down so that they are parallel to the shirt’s body.
  6. Steps 3-5 are repeated on the opposite side of your shirt.
  7. If the shirt will fit on your shelves or drawers, fold it in half or thirds.

How to Fold Long-Sleeve Sweaters?

The most challenging thing to fold is a sweater, and you’ll need to manage your long sleeves and minimize wrinkles.

  1. You can place a sweater in front and ensure it is entirely flat.
  2. Turn the sweater so that the back is facing up.
  3. Fold the sweater’s left quarter inwardly and fold the arm over to the left.
  4. Next, do the same with the right side. The sweater should be neatly shaped and join the two halves in the middle.
  5. Fold the sweater’s top third toward the bottom.
  6. Continue this process two more times. Fold the sweater inwardly on its own. When the sweater can stand on its own, or it becomes challenging to fold inwardly, stop.


Managing your closet and keeping it clean is one of the most challenging tasks for some people. But with the help of these tips, you can learn how to fold long sleeve shirts in the most efficient way possible. Remember tidy closet, tidy mind.

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