The Top Hair And Beauty Trends For 2022

Whether you are a teen follower of the latest trends or you are simply looking for a way to spice up your hair and beauty routine this year, learning the top hair and beauty trends can be a great way to start. This guide is here to help you learn all of the top hair and beauty trends for 2022.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is the equivalent of microblading, but then for the lips. Lip blushing involves a tattoo artist applying a semi-permanent tattoo on the outer lines of your lips to give the impression of fuller-looking lips. The demand for this service has gone up a great deal over the last year and is perfect for anyone who loves lip liner but doesn’t enjoy having to apply it every single morning.

Coming Clean

Beauty experts are predicting that 2022 is the year when the majority of major beauty brands are going clean. Clean beauty means using non-toxic ingredients and ethical practices, so all of the sourcing, manufacturing, and supplying processes are completely safe and sustainable. The increasing pressure for consumers on brands to become more sustainable means that many beauty brands will need to come clean in order to not risk getting left behind by the more conscious customer.


A colour trend that has already emerged this year is the colour green. As the year processes, you should expect to see a range of different shades of green on everything from eyeliner to nail polish.

Y2K Hairstyles

Y2K is the trend that covered the late 90s early to mid-2000 styles and was huge during 2021 and is not expected to go anywhere anytime soon. One area that you should expect to see Y2K show itself in a big way is with hairstyles. So it is time to increase your understanding the different hair grips and learn how to use a crimper to stay up with Y2K hairstyles.

Bleached Brows

Experts expect that 2022 is the year that trend lovers are saying goodbye to eyebrows. As the hashtag #bleachedeyebrows is already up by 71% this year, it seems that people are saying goodbye to the bushy eyebrow trend that has dominated for almost a decade instead of getting rid of brows completely.

Temporary Tattoos

There are many beauty trends for 2022 that are set to embrace a feeling of joy and playfulness, and temporary tattoos are an example of this. Temporary tattoos have come a long way from the early 2000s when they would rub off by the end of an afternoon. There are now companies on the market that are selling very realistic-looking temporary tattoos that last up to two weeks without rubbing off or fading.

Bold, Graphic Makeup

Many people believe that many of the makeup trends for 2022 are a response to people having spent much time in isolation; there is now a communal feeling of fun self-expression without traditional boundaries. Bold, graphic makeup is all about expressing yourself and having fun with your makeup. People are increasingly using bright coloured liners with fun designs day or night.

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