Things To Do Before You Go On Stage

“All I know is that I want to be on stage.”


Every singer’s aspiration is to perform on stage for an audience who would applaud their performance. It goes without saying that stress levels are bound to be at an all-time high before and during the performance.

Let us look at some magical tips that will help you prepare for the big day and make you sail through the experience like a breeze.

#1. A day prior to the performance, make sure that you get a sound night’s sleep so that your body is fully re-energised.

Also, make sure your room is dark enough to avoid getting distracted by early morning sunlight. Cover your room with black curtains and ask someone at home to wake you up when you want to.

#2. Stay hydrated. Remember to drink water at least an hour prior to your stage performance since your vocal folds become more elastic when you are fully hydrated.

Hence, they allow you to do more with your vocal cords because they are supple and responsive.

#3. Be watchful of your diet because while some food items can boost your performance, there could be others hindering it.  For instance, dairy products should be avoided as they will end up creating extra mucus in the body.

Similarly, spicy food can cause acid reflux or flatulence, which is not a good condition to be in when you are behind the mic. It is best to avoid tea, coffee and alcohol since they result in a dry throat and more trips to the bathroom.

Remember to maintain good dental hygiene and floss before the performance so that there are no leftover particles in between the teeth to generate excess saliva.

#3. Take care of your vocal cords just like a parent takes care of their baby.

You are in full control of your vocals and know what it takes to keep them in good form.  For instance, use your voice minimally before the performance.  Refrain from yelling if you want to take care of your asset. Whispering is also not recommended since it stresses the vocals as well.

#4. Try getting some physical exercise before your performance.

Sweat it out and get ready to perform. Tension is your worst enemy. So along with some physical activity, try to indulge in some deep stretching before you sing.  Do not hold your breath and make sure all your body parts, including mouth, jaw, lips, tongue, neck and shoulders should be tension free, while your eyes should be relaxed and alive to interact with the spectators.

#5. Make sure you select a song that you are well versed with and have practised enough to perform in front of the masses.

Finally, just before moving onto the stage take blessings from your teacher, elders and the Almighty to help you become a singing sensation.

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