Things you need to know about Banner printing

Banner Printing is one of the most convenient ways of advertisement that companies use. Why? Because banner printing is not only cheap and effective, but also will last for years indoor or out! The effectiveness of good design combined with banner printing is indisputably one of the cheapest impression methods available.

Banner Printing Process:

What are the steps to banner printing? There is a simple few steps to take regarding how to make a banner happen. This short guide will show you the steps to have a great looking printed banner at the end of the steps.

  • Design

Graphic desig is the heart of banner printing, and it plays a significant role in how a banner will eventually look. Banner design should be generally done using a vector drawing based program lik Adobe Illustrator. Remember to design your banner at full scale – and if the banner is too large, at least design it at scale. Once you have your banner designed, you will be ready to print!

I recommend calling on Chicago Signs and Printing for some of the best deals. The products that you can do your banner printing on are as follows:

  • Banner Stands

One of the standing banner displays that you can see from a distance. Most professionals use banner stands in an indoor setting with plenty of foot traffic to view your message. You can go sibtle or large with your banner stand – it all depends on your market and purpose.

  • Step and Repeat Banner Printing (Backdrop Printing)

Events are never complete without backdrop printing. Add a level of professionalism and spice up the fun with a large custom backdrop. Step and repeat banners make for a fun attraction at your event! Your audience will love taking photos of their memories at your event in front of a quality press wall.

  • Fence Wraps / Construction site banner printing

Banner printing can be done for your new site project. You have seen the many construction sites where the entire fence is wrapped in sponsors, partners and contractors who are all part of the project. Chicago Signs and Printing are absolute professionals at this type of printing, and they will confidentally guide you to the success that you are seeking.

  • Billboard Banner Printing

There’s not much larger a banner than the banners used on billboards! If you are printing a super large billboard banner, you will certainly need to design it to scale. One simple technique of designing banners this large is the 12:1 ratio. This would mean that every foot of the banner is designed using inches. This will make for a perfect scale of your billboard project.

Yes, again – the guys at are very good at what they do, and can make a billboard banner print show up at your wearehouse door!

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